Support these special pups!

You are looking at the faces of 4 very special dogs, and they could use your help. These are the longest term residents here at Family Dogs New Life. There is no time limit for the dogs of FDNLS, they are welcome to stay here for as long as it takes to find the perfect forever home. That means a safe haven for dogs like Daisy, who has been with is for 3 1/2 years. Oso, who has been in our care for 3 years. Poppy recently had her 2 year anniversary here at FDNLS and Jojo has been in our care for over 2 years. We love these dogs like our own, and enjoy providing them with the best life possible until their forever families come along but as you doggy parents know, it costs to provide good care for an extended period time. So we are asking for your help. Please consider making a donation to sponsor Daisy, Oso, Poppy and Jojo. Help make it possible for us to continue providing a happy life for dogs who have no other options.

Thank you in advance from Daisy, Oso, Poppy, Jojo and all of us at FDNLS!

Please make your donation at: