Donating to Family Dogs

Family Dogs New Life is a 501 c3 non profit organization supported solely by our adoption fees and by donations from the public. We receive no government funding and are not affiliated with any other county shelter or humane society. As a small privatley run non profit we work hard to help homeless dogs in our community (and beyond) on a small budget. An average of 100 dogs come through our care per month, and it costs just over $16,000 per month to operate our shelter…. we rely on your donations to make this possible! Your donation to Family Dogs New Life Shelter goes directly to helping us save as many lives as possible.

Monetary donations are most needed, but here is a list of other items that are always in demand;

  • Dry Dog Food (we are very grateful for dog food donations of any brand, but for the sake of our dogs tummys we prefer that donated food be free of additives, artificial colors or unnatural preservatives. You know, those ‘Natural’ brands are what we all like best)

  • Advantage or Frontline Flea Treatment

  • Dog Toys (new or slightly used)

  • Dog Treats

  • Greenies, bones, chewies

  • Tennis Balls

  • Dog crates

  • Pill Pockets (treats for giving medication)

  • New Leashes and Collars

  • Dog poop pick up bags

  • Simple Green Naturals cleaner (or similar non-toxic household cleaners)

  • Bleach

  • Air fresheners (any kind)

  • 1-gallon storage bags- zip top

  • Trash bags- kitchen size and 33 gallon

  • Printer Ink (HP952)

  • Printer paper

  • Gift Cards to the following: Home Depot Target Fred Meyer Petsmart Petco

You can also Check out our Amazon Wish List ! An easy way to support FDNLS and give some great goodies to the dogs!

Thank You in advance for any donations, it is a tremendous help to the shelter and our dogs!!!