The dogs listed here are available for adoption through Family Dogs New Life, however they are not currently at the shelter- they are staying in foster homes.
During the transition from ‘rescue’ to forever home, dogs require love and patience. A foster family provides a nurturing environment that not only helps the rescue dog better adjust to this transition but also allows us to to learn more about each dogs personality traits, which is essential in finding the dog and adoptive family the Right Fit.
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If you are interested in becoming a FDNLS Foster Parent please contact our foster coordinator Karin at


Pit Bull Terrier + Mastiff Mix
2 1/2 years old
82 pounds

I go by a lot of names – Asher, Dasher, Ashey, Ash, Block Head and my personal favorite, Handsome Boy! The kind people at Family Dogs rescued me from a high-kill shelter in California. And now I live in a house, have my own foster parents and get to lay on a couch! Wow did I get lucky! I am house and crate-trained. And know sit, lay down, “kisses” and stay. I also have mad skills in the catching treats department!
I LOVE people and snuggling! I’ve met and been great with people of all ages but would probably be better with older children. Ninety percent of the time I am a big couch potato, but sometimes I get too excited and jump on people. Not a good thing to do at any size, but especially when you are a big boy like me! Speaking of, I will need a six-foot fence or to be leash walked. I can easily glide over the four-foot dog gate in my foster home.
What else…. I like dogs but am better with mellow ones. I’m told I get too excited when I play. I also get a bit protective of my toys at times. Not with my foster parents, they can do whatever they want, but with my foster dog brother and sister. I’m good at just hanging out on the couch with them though! I must admit I like cats in all the wrong ways, so a kitty-free home would be best. My foster dad takes me running, but I do try to chase anything small and furry that crosses my path. It just seems like it would be so fun!
Oh, and most importantly - besides my foster parents - my favorite thing in the whole world is my stuffed hippo toy, Helga! I guess she doesn’t get to go outside as my foster parents make me hand her over before I go out, but I do carry her through the house with me and that makes me very happy! So, if you are looking for a big, handsome boy and toy hippo as your new best friends, Helga and I are looking for you too!

If you are interested in meeting or learning more about ASHER please contact

2 1/2 years old-82lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes neuter, microchip, reduced cost training class, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.


Pit Bull Terrier + Boxer Mix
4 years old
85 pounds

Brando is a big hearted, big headed, marshmallow of a dude. He may look like a bouncer at the club, but he’s actually a sensitive flower. If you’re looking for a sweet, and devoted buddy, Brando could be perfect for you.
Brando was found as a stray in California and brought to a high kill shelter, where he was never claimed. This amazes us, because he’s such a sweet, loving, and handsome boy. He was transferred to Oregon, where he now lives with his foster mom in Portland. Brando is being trained daily by mom, and a couple of times per week by a professional dog trainer. He’s come a very long way since he moved to Portland. He’s extremely polite, has greatly improved impulse control, knows some basic obedience, and has gained a lot of confidence in the past few months.
Brando is shy with people at first, so he’s seeking a gentle, and patient adopter who’s willing to work with Brando’s foster mom and his trainer for a few months to help everyone adjust to the new situation

Brando enjoys two quiet leash walks per day, occasional field trips to quiet nature areas and works for his food. Brando loves working with his trainer,  and really enjoys the process of training. Building a relationship with Brando will be of the utmost importance, since he is shy. The best way to do this is to continue his training plan, right where his foster mom left off, and with lots of support from the people who know him so well.
Brando will do better as a single pet in your home, as he is very dog-selective, and will need to build a relationship with his new people, before we’ll know how he truly feels about cohabiting with another dog. Cats and other small animals are not advised, as Brando has a high chase/hunting drive. Brando has little interaction with young people and would probably do best in a home without children.

Brando is in good health, and has historically felt safe and comfy with his current vet in north Portland. Brando has a dynamic personality, is highly intelligent, and sensitive, and will need ongoing help to feel comfortable with life in general.

Brando's Instagram Page

If you are interested in meeting or learning more about Brando please contact

4 years old-85lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes neuter, microchip, reduced cost training class, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.


Pit Bull Terrier
3 years old
45 pounds

I'm just a Chewbacca looking for my Han Solo. 

 My original owner surrendered me to high kill shelter in California, but since FDNL rescued me, I've been living with my foster mom. I may bark and being wary of you at first, but soon I'll be showing you lots of love and trying to lick your face any chance I get. While I'm eager to show affection and play, sometimes I don't know my own strength and need to be reminded not to jump on my foster mom. Throw the tennis ball for me to catch, and I'll be your best friend. I also love to borrow under blankets on the couch and eat peanut butter out of my KONG toy. 

I'm house-trained and doing pretty well with my crate training. While I have mastered sitting, I'm still learning new skills like stay and lay down. When my foster mom takes me for walks, sometimes I get too excited and start pulling but I'm working on that! I do not like cats at all, and I REALLY don't like squirrels. I'm on a mission to chase every squirrel I can. As for other dogs, it's hit or miss. Sometimes I don't even notice them, sometimes I get excited, and occasionally I can get defensive and need my space.

My foster mom lives in an apartment, and I like it--as long as I get plenty of walks. I'm tend not to bark much, unless I hear a commotion in the hallway then I bark for a few seconds before going back to couch. I really think I would love a yard with a fence, so I can play fetch as much as possible. 

If you are interested in meeting or learning more about Chewy please email

3 years old-45lbs. My adoption fee is $200 and includes microchip, neuter, reduced-cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.


Pit Bull Terrier Mix
2 years old
50 pounds

Nat is a very affectionate human focused playful young dude who loves attention. He LOVES to meet new people. He is a great cuddler and only a little bit of a bed hog! He learns SO fast. He is energetic and very curious. It’s awesome to take him for walks and see him enjoy himself. He is a great office dog and a guard dog at home. He greets visitors at work and is protective at home, especially if he hears a doorbell.
He rolls over on his back with legs up in the air – fully enjoys all the tummy rubs he can get. When he is on his back, he always has a HUGE grin on his face. Sometimes when I’m working and he wants attention, he will gently boop my leg with his nose and his stuffed animal toy in his mouth. He is able to differentiate between his toys and my precious object – my teddy bear. He does not gnaw on stuff he shouldn’t, as long as we show him which toys are his. He sniffed at my bear but when he saw me cuddling with it, he didn’t try to play with it like his normal toys. He loves 30-45 minute walks where he can smell all the things. He really loves a good chew bone. He enjoys treats. Tug of war is his favorite game so far. We are working on having him jump on people less. He does need exercise and attention.
He’s fine with most dogs. He hasn’t been socialized with cats during his time in foster, so not sure. how he would so with felines. He seems pretty curious of them. He spent a weekend in a doggy daycare environment where he did great with small and large dogs. He loves new people! He wants to jump on them or at least sniff and lick them. He enjoys when he can say hi to everyone on his walk. He seems to especially love men. Although I (foster mawm) care for him almost all the time, my boyfriend is clearly his favorite. He met some kiddos the other day (group of 3-4 ranging from 8 years old to 10 years old) and he was super excited to say hi. He didn’t jump on them although he does want to jump on taller people (adults). LOVES everyone. An Ideal home for Nat would be a household with at least one active person to take him for walk/jogs and ideally have a backyard. He is still scared of the shower itself although with positive reinforcement he has become familiar and comfortable in the bathroom. He can be a little scaredy pants and needs patience and reinforcement to try new things. He does not chew furniture or walls or shoes. He doesn’t chase after cars. He is such a good doggy. He takes to training so well. I was having issues with him jumping all over me when my car stops. I got a net for the car and showed thru positive training, that when he stays in backseat, it’s good. He does this now! He truly is a fast learner and wants to know what is expected of him. Nat walks well with a harness and positive reinforcement, although, when he sees a squirrel or something interesting, he can forget and pull. I’m currently teaching him the Touch game (he touches his nose to my hand) and its been fun. The look on his face when
he figures out how to get a treat is awesome. Once he’s fully trained on that, I’ll use that during walks to distract him from stuff that is overwhelming him (squirrel) and see if it helps. Nat is still working on crate training. We give him all his bestest treats in the crate. We put him in it once and he whined here at the office. I don’t want to force him in it and make him hate it so we are taking that one suuuuuuuper slow. Likewise with bedtime, we say we will keep him outside bedroom, but he’s too cute so we let him sleep in bed with us. Nat is a loving dog who shows so much potential with his big heart who welcomes everyone and displays an impressive eagerness to learn. He came to us from a very large crowded shelter in Modesto California and a long transport to the pacific northwest. His foster family has given him the support to decompress and he would love a family of his own to welcome him as much as he welcomes the people that come into his orbit.

If you are interested in meeting or learning more about NAT please email

2 years old-50lbs. My adoption fee is $200 and includes microchip, neuter, reduced-cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.


American Staffordshire Terrier + Australian Cattle Dog Mix
7 years old
70 pounds

Hi there, my name’s Orion, and I’m so happy you’re here! I’m very people-focused and love getting attention, pets, and snuggles from, well, everyone! I’m not picky about my humans and just love them all. I do great out in public, whether eating on dog-friendly patios or going into the office with my foster parents, I generally just say hi to everyone around then lie down and take a nap. I’m definitely a very mellow dog, but don’t let that fool you, I still really enjoy being active. I love going for walks and getting to smell all the good smells in the neighborhood. I’m also very into games of tug-o-war, fetch, and chasing that puzzling red dot. I’m housebroken and I know ‘sit’, ‘drop it’, and ‘let’s go’. I am also a very goofy dog and I love rolling around on my back, hiding under my dog bed, and counting cars when I’m going for a car ride.

I have good manners around the house and I usually won’t even beg for food if you’re eating around me. I’ve definitely got small prey drive, so I need to go to a home without cats, and you’ll need to be careful on walks because I’ll try to chase cats or squirrels and I’m a very strong dog. I have some separation anxiety I still need to work through, and being in a crate aggravates that, so I need someone who can be patient with me while I get better at those things. I can also be a bit of an escape artist, so if you have a fenced yard I probably need a relatively tall fence (> 5’) and I’ll need a sturdy crate that I can’t break out of. I’m mostly indifferent to other dogs, but sometimes they don’t like my assertiveness.

If you are interested in meeting or learning more about ORION please email

7 years old-70lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes microchip, neuter, reduced-cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.


German Shepherd + Labrador Retriever + Pit Bull Terrier Mix
10 years old
38 pounds

Roxy translates to Dawn and bright, which as you can see matches my smile. I am no puppy youngster, I have seen some things and figured out the ways of the world. Not all of those ways of the world have been easy. It has gotten a lot better since I got out of a very big noisy shelter in california and landed in the pacific northwest. I live with my foster parents, two young human brothers and a fun loving canine sister. I know how to be a lady in the house and with company. I don't like to be left alone for long stretches of time, I wont get destructive(remember I am a Lady!) but I do get sad, see those eyes? I will tell you all about it with my eyes. My ideal home would include a lot of cuddling and chilling with a nice daily stroll.

I like kids but I need them to not be too loud or too rough or I get scared, that goes for canine brothers or sisters too, I like to play but more a graceful dance then rough and tumble. I might be okay with cats in a home but I do get excited about squirrels, so I would need some time and training around the felines. I do have some feline tendencies, every day when I eat I take one piece of kibble and put it on the floor and play with it like a cat.

I am the most expressive when I greet my humans dancing and grinning I can hardly contain myself!

My foster family adores me and they say I have been just a delight to have in their home. If you are looking for a smiley, bright, gentle lady to share your dawn to dusks with and value a peaceful pace I am the one for you and you may be the one for me.

If you are interested in meeting or learning more about ROXY please email

10 years old38lbs. My adoption fee is $140 and includes microchip, spay, reduced-cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.