**SOLD OUT** Sit, Stay, Smile! Photo day fundraiser with HP Studios.

The Sit, Stay, Smile! photo day is now completely booked! Thank you to everyone who scheduled a session!

The Sit, Stay Smile! Photo day fundraiser will be held on December 9th 2018, sessions will be scheduled between 9:00am-5:00pm. Celebrate your dog with a photoshoot by FDNLS photographer HP Studios – receive awesome photographs of your furry best friend and help support the work of Family Dogs New Life at the same time!

Photo sessions are by appointment only. Each session will last about 10 minutes and must be booked no later than 6pm on Friday, Dec 7th.

Sessions are $40- each additional dog you bring to be photographed will be $20 per dog. Your donation includes ‘Facebook size’ digital download of your dog’s images. 100% of your donation goes straight to Family Dogs New Life!

Multiple dog appointments:

1 dog will get a 10 minute session
 = $40
2 dogs will get a 10 minute session
 = $60
3 dogs will get a 20 minute session = $80
Multi dog photoshoots will include individual photos of each dog, as well as group shots of all dogs together- humans can even join in for a shot or two if you’d like!

Please book multi dog sessions for YOUR pets only, please do not combine your dog’s session with a friend’s session in order to save money. This is a fundraiser after all 😉 

We also ask that you do not book individual ‘One Dog Photoshoot’ for each of your dogs, but select Two Dog, or Three Dog Photoshoot when scheduling.

Where is it:?
This event will be held at Family Dogs New Life Shelter– 9101 SE Stanley Ave, Portland, OR. 97206
The shelter will be closed for the day so things will be low key for you and your dog.

Where can I see my photos:?
We’ll have everyone’s photos finished and uploaded to an online gallery by the end of day Wednesday, December 12th. We will post on social media to announce when photos are complete and ready for viewing. Other fun items like prints and larger digital files will be available for purchase. 

We want this to be a fun, awesome event with lots of great photos of, you guessed it…dogs but you are more than welcome to join your dog for a pose or two if you’d like a family photo. 

Please understand that the quality of your dog’s portraits will depend greatly upon how well they can sit & ‘pose’ for the camera. Please only bring dogs who have an understanding of basic commands like ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’.