Are you hands on? Ready to dive in and get your paws dirty?

Here at Family Dogs New Life Shelter our volunteer opportunities are a little limited, but there are still lots of ways you can help out….


We are always in need of friendly faces to join our pack and help us represent at local events and fundraisers. If you are interested in helping with event coordination, fundraising or tabling please email our event coordinator at


Fostering a pup in need…what could be more rewarding than that!

Our Family Dogs Foster Program is in need of big hearted folks to provide short-term (and sometimes longer term) in-home care for needy pooches until they are adopted, or space if available for them at the shelter. Please help us save more lives by becoming a foster parent!
Have you been considering fostering but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about? Have a few questions that need answers?

Q: What is a pet foster parent and what do they do?
 A foster parent provides temporary, in-home care for friendly puppies and dogs who are in need of a forever home. Foster homes make it possible for us to rescue homeless dogs from a variety of situations by providing these animals with temporary care and shelter until they find their forever homes. Foster homes provide foster animals with plenty of love, adequate food and water, shelter from the elements, and exercise…..and did we mention Love?

Q: Why are pet foster parents needed?
 We can only rescue as many dogs as we have room and staffing for…Not only do foster parents help us maximize the number of animals rescued, they also help to care for dogs who may struggle in our shelter environment, animals recovering from or in need of minor surgery, or dogs needing one-on-one behavior rehabilitation or a break from the shelter.

Q: Who should foster?
A:Someone who:

  • cannot, at the moment, adopt a pet for his or her entire lifetime but still wants to help.
  • loves pets and has some room to welcome them while they wait for adoptive homes.

Q: What does it cost?
 All pre-arranged veterinary costs are paid by FDNLS. We can also provide food, crates, training tools, etc.  if needed…. But of course, any financial donations that the foster home can make towards fostering are greatly appreciated (and tax deductible!)

Q: I already have a dog and a cat. Can I still foster?
 Yes! Before you bring a foster dog home, you may wish to ask your veterinarian if your pets need any additional vaccinations. Some foster families delegate a spare room for their foster dog so that their own pet isn’t stressed by repeated new animals in their territory. Some foster families live with pets that enjoy the company of the foster dogs, and they give the foster free run of the house. Either way, we will always do a meet & greet to insure that everyone will get along.

Q: Can I adopt the animal I foster?
A: Yes. Foster parents who wish to adopt the animal they foster go through the same screening process as adoption applicants.

Q: I have decided that I want to join the Family Dogs foster program. What’s next?
 Email our awesome foster coordinator Karin at  . We will ask you to submit a foster application. Once we have received your application, we will review it with you and chat further over the phone. After you have been approved you will be matched with a particular pooch in need, based on the pet’s needs and compatibility with you, your lifestyle and your exciting pets.

Q: I still have questions about fostering. Who should I contact?
A:Please contact

Thank you so much for considering fostering….we hope you’ll join the family!


Are you an entrepreneur? Feeling creative? Like to take the ball and run with it? We love folks like you! If you are interested in organizing a fundraising event, holding a food or toy drive or have ideas about another fun way to raise awareness and collect donations for Family Dogs we’re all ears….


Our most popular option! In turn, our most limited. Here at Family Dogs New Life our dogs get loads of exercise…running and playing all day with their pack mates can wear a pooch out- it’s like living at the dog park 24/7- but it is still extremely beneficial for our dogs to head out on the trail for a good ol fashion leash walk. It gives them a little break from the action, allows them some one on one time with 2 human hands all to themselves and helps improve leash manners and basic obedience skills. We do require that all volunteers be 18+ and have limited Walker opportunities available so send is an email at to see if we are currently in need.