In the best interest of my beautiful dog I have to re-home her. She is currently with a foster in Oregon City, OR.

Her name is Lola, she is 4 years old. Officially her breed is unknown. The shelter she was at 2 years ago said she was a Heeler Mix. Her vet says shes a Border Collie Mix. She loves kids, my youngest child is under 2 years old for reference. Lola is good with other dogs, but may chase cats, however she is not aggressive.

Lola will need some leash training, though she is crate and potty trained. She may have rare accidents when she becomes overly excited.  She is very hyper which may change with proper play and exercise times. A larger high fenced yard would be optimal for her. My goal is to find Lola a forever home as soon as possible. 

She is spayed and up-to-date on her Rabies shots, however we missed her yearly visit last November. She will have a couple of her toys, leash and harness that go with her. 

Can Give Away A Crate For An Extra Fee

Please let me know if you are interested. Text 360 965 8360 Or Email@


Oh, our little Foxy dog! We would miss you to the end of the earth, but we just don’t have enough to give you to keep you happy and fulfilled.

Foxy is a 4 and a half year old brindle Australian Cattle Dog mix with a heart that is way too big for her little 35 pound body and a need for space that is beyond what this Portland life can give her.  We got her at 10 weeks from the Humane Society and treated her with kindness throughout her life. She is loving, smart bordering on doggy brilliant, and obedient. She is house trained and great with kids and adults (though has a tendency to herd and tell them where to be when it suits her). She loves to fetch and run, but most of all just loves to be outside in wide-open spaces.

We, our little family of three with another coming soon, love this little lady to death. I most of all, would miss her exuberant homecoming welcomes and ear kisses. Unfortunately, we feel that we just cannot give her enough of the space she needs with our little Portland yard and lifestyle and feel she deserves more. We are in no hurry and would like to find the right place for her, ideally in the country somewhere with real acreage to run around on. She would thrive in a home with fields or forests to explore. She may do well with other dogs with the right personality but mostly likes to be a solo quadruped with her two-legged family.

Physically she is as healthy as can be with very few costs or special needs. Mentally, she has a lot of anxiety in this life of ours, though this always seems to melt away in the right setting. We have had to resort to medicines (clonidine and sertraline) to help her with this but feel it would be better for her to just have her needs met. These needs are really just exercise, space, and lots of positive love and kind words.

Her skills:
-House training
-Leash training
-Comes, sits, stays, waits, shakes, and LOVES

-Beautiful brindle hair
-Professional athlete’s energy

 If you would like to meet this little lady on your land, please email or text 503.887.4388.

Queen Amidala

his is Queen Amidala (she responds to Dala). She is a 15 year old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix who is in need of a new home. She is a wonderful little 9 pound girl who loves nothing more than sitting in your lap. She also loves being cuddled up in a blanket and sleeping on pillows. She bonds with a person very quickly and then never wants to leave your side. She is a very loving and caring companion dog.

She is in great health, her joints and bones are all in good condition and she can run and jump and easily get up and down stairs. She has had a few teeth removed but the ones she still has are in excellent condition. She is spayed and microchipped and housebroken.

I think she had a rough go as a young dog because one of her feet appears to have been broken before (doesn't affect her at all now) and she has a lot of scar tissue in one of her ears causing it to kind of fold/flop over.

She does have some food allergies to chicken and grains, so we feed her grain-free salmon based food and she loves it!

The reason we need to re-home her is because her past owners lied about her being good with cats. She has chased our cat and barked at her multiple times and no amount of training has helped--even though other than that, she is pretty good with training.

She comes with a kennel and bed, leash and collar, sweaters and harness, puppy stairs to get up onto the couch, and lots of toys. 
We will be asking for a rehoming fee to ensure that she goes to the right home and can get the best retirement possible.

If you are interested in meeting this little girl, please email me (Kylissa) at


Hello, my name is Dakota.  I am a very loving dog once I get to know someone and I know a lot of commands.  Although I am not perfect at them, I know sit, heal, with me, up, off, down, stay, shake, wait, leave it, drop it, kennel up - I am very comfortable in a kennel - and my go word is okay.  I love to play but can be vocal, exploring, and running. I tend to be aggressive when on a leash. I can also be protective of my owners and the house so when introduced to new people and dogs, it is best to take it slow.  My previous trainer has said that I am a very smart and teachable dog.

For more information on Dakota please contact Connor at 971-940-0448 or email:


Meet Wrigley girl, our 10 year old pointer mix!  She is a calm, loving, and loyal companion.  She enjoys running/walking around the city, hiking and exploring, swimming, and boating!  Wrigley is a great traveler (travelled coast to coast!) and loves camping as well.  She is very food motivated and is eager to please.  Although she is great on and off leash, she should only be allowed off in secluded areas. Wrigley has shown aggression towards some active small children and hyper dogs/puppies and would do best as a solo pet.  She has always lived in a home with a fenced in yard and enjoys her freedom, but don’t leave food on the counter!  Wrigley is a sweet soul and a beautiful dog and we are heartbroken to let her go. Unfortunately she can no longer live with our small children and needs a home with humans aged 10+.  She is micro-chipped, spayed, and up-to-date on all her vaccines.  Please help us find a new home for our beloved pet. 

Wrigley is Micro-chipped, Spayed and Up-to date on Vaccines.

For more information please contact Martine at (910)742-6421 or


Hello my name is Charlie I am a Boston Terrrier Border Collie/ Australian Sheppard mix, 5 years old. Due to health issues, my current owners don’t have the capacity to keep up with my activity needs like walking and playing.

I am a good loyal dog, I love to play frisbee, I hike in the woods and run on the beach. I grew up around 2 boys and would love to have a family with children over the age of 7 to play with. I am house broken and will sleep all day while people are at work or school. Since I was 4 months old I have never had an accident in the house, I don’t chew on your stuff or dig holes in the yard. My original owners retired abroad and it is really difficult for them to take me traveling all over with them. I am with an older couple right now and don’t get out like I used to:( I need consistency and have the ability to walk nicely with a “gentle lead” collar. I follow commands and do some tricks and of course love to fetch and play “keep away” I play well with small groups of dogs I know but sometimes a dog park full of other dogs is a bit overwhelming. I have never lived with a cat and will try to chase when they stray into may turf. I am not fond of squirrels either for some reason...It’s the terrier in me :) If you would like to meet me please call Matt at 971-221-5200‬


American Pit Bull Terrier
1.5 yrs old 
58 lbs 

I’m Remy, and looking for someone to adopt me and keep me forever. My previous owner left me behind so right now I live at Sniff Dog Hotel. They take good care of me and I do training every day because I want to learn to be the best boy I can possibly be. It's important that I find the right person and home. Someone with lots of dog experience who can commit to ongoing training and management to set me up for success. As you can see, I am a big boy + lover and also quite excitable! I truly want to please and really can’t wait for a new forever home. 

Please contact Alyssa Medo at Sniff Dog Hotel for details: or 503.208.2366 


4 year old Pit Bull
Spayed and up to date on shots

Hi I’m Kimber and I love to cuddle up by a warm fire. My family recently grew and it’s becoming a bit overwhelming for me. I’m searching for a quieter home with no kids. I do get along with most dogs and have been to numerous dog parks. However, I’d do best on my own. I have been raised with another large dog, cats, chickens and horses. I will chase a cat if it runs though! I am also potty and kennel trained and LOVE to sleep in my kennel. I travel well in the car, offer a super soft cuddly coat and super cute eyes. I’m a pretty girl and my parents are devastated to have to find me a new home since I’m such a good dog, but they know the family has grown and it has made me a nervous dog and I’m just not happy. My ONLY flaw is I can be protective of my dog food. 

If interested please contact Alyson at  (503) 880-7655 or email at


Meatball is a 5 year old male neutered mixed breed dog. He has a history of behavioral problems such as redirected aggression and noise sensitivity. He would do best as an only pet with someone who has time to invest in forming a bond and training. He is a happy dog who loves to run and fetch balls. He could be acclimated to a house with a dog who is of similar size and not aggressive or territorial. I am looking to re-home him because I have a smaller older dog in the house that has become a victim of Meatball’s redirected aggression. With that said when he is calm, he is the sweetest boy who loves to cuddle and spoon in bed. If interested in Meatball please email


Chance is looking for a forever home! I took this sweet guy in as a stray over a year ago, but we're realizing that he really needs to be an only dog, so we're looking for a forever home where he can be the perfect fit. He is so such a great boy and I'm devastated to let him go. Chance is about 3 years old, very loving and snuggly, he just wants all the love for himself! He is happiest when he can go on frequent walks/hikes/runs, but also enjoys just laying around the house. He loves playing with other dogs, but prefers not to share his person. He is crate trained, knows basic commands, and walks well on leash.

Please reach out to me if you'd like to meet Chance, or have any other questions about him.

Call at (973) 641-6216 or email at


Benny is around 16 years old and in pretty good health.  Benny weighs 15 lbs and  just had a vet visit nail trim and rabies shot end of Nov.  He does not see well and is a bit hard of hearing but can hear.  He can find his way around my house and should be able to learn another home too.   He does not do his business in the house and is very polite.  Doesn’t chew on things or get in the garbage.  If you drop food he will take care of it for you though.

Benny likes to sit next to people on the couch or in a recliner and sleeps on my bed.  He is friendly with people and likes to go for short walks but is fine as a house dog.  He has short hair so doesn't shed much.

He needs a person or couple to live out the rest of his life.  Please consider him. 

If you are interested in meeting him, please call me at 503-702-7912

Zeppelin & Oakley

We are needing to rehome our two medium/large, 8 year old mixed-breed female doggos, as life has changed and we just aren't the best owners for them anymore. They deserve more attention and time than we are able to give them. They are wonderful dogs! (We adopted them, so we are not totally sure of age or breed, but we believe the blonde one- Zeppelin- is a ridgeback/pit mix, and the black one- Oakley- is a pointer/pit mix.)

MUST be an active family- these dogs need to be walked/hiked/exercised! They are well-behaved if they get the exercise they need. Totally potty-trained, no accidents ever, sweet, cuddly, love people, BUT need leash-training and to be re-socialized with other dogs. Have never been around cats. Are great around kids, but would prefer a new family has at least older children, if not no kids, just because having young children is one of the main reasons we aren't able to spend the time or money to work with them! Do have a history of some behavioral issues, but only when not properly exercised, which is why I say a new family must be active and willing to walk them and get out and about with them! They are also dog-reactive at this point; they were very socialized in their first few years, but they suddenly began to be reactive one day. I think with training and work, it can be corrected! They have the potential to be great dogs with the proper attention and basic training, and we, unfortunately, are not in a position to do this. 

Ideally, the dogs will go together; they are bonded and love each other. Not necessarily required, though.

(This is really hard on our family and not a decision that was come to quickly and easily, as they are apart of our family... we are just not the best owners for them since we do not have the time to spend with them, and they deserve better!)

They are spayed, micro-chipped, and will be up to date with vaccines. Both doggos in good health.

Please reach out with interest!



Oakley and Zeppelin.jpg


Finnick is a sweet English Setter who is around 8 years old. His happy place is being as close to a human being as possible, preferably right on top. He is perfectly fine with other dogs and children as well, although Cats are not his favorite thing. At the dog park, he will spend most of his time going around to get pets from the humans than playing with other dogs. He spent a couple years living with a small dog and they were great buddies.

He is used to being able to roam the house during the day, also uses a crate to sleep in. He does have some separation anxiety, although it gets better once he is used to a routine, he is used to using anti-anxiety and barking devices (thundercoat, vibrating bark collar etc.). He can sit, stay, lay down and “go to bed”. Would recommend a good yard where he can expend his nervous energy.


He is neutered and microchipped, originally adopted from the Oregon Humane Society after being found in Klamath Falls six years ago.


If you’re interested in meeting this sweet boy, contact Jessica at:




We need to find a new home for our dog. He has been an amazing part of our family. We got him at 8 weeks old. But, as life changes, so does our ability to give him the attention he needs. We are out of town a lot and are more regularly finding dog-sitters. 

He is a friendly dog with a fair amount of energy. He loves to fetch the ball (he brings it back every time), he is obedience trained with the choke-chain, and is also house trained. He is good with other dogs (has never bit or fought a dog). He has been an outside dog that sleeps inside on a dog bed. 

One thing is that he doesn’t do well with kennels or cages. He gets very anxious. He likes to be around people. He stays off the beds and furniture, occasionally he does transgress, but is mostly great with staying off things. Doesn’t chew or dig. 

My email is and/or my phone number is 9517515933 (please leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up)



Max is a sweet, loveable 2.5yr 12 lb Wire Hair Fox Terrier /Chihuahua mix. He has been with us for a year and although this breaks our heart... it’s made it obvious he needs:

A large outdoor space like a farm or big yard

Or, a very active or outdoors type of person!

He’s VERY smart. We’ve had great success training him with treats and a person with more time could do a lot more.

He’s very healthy, current on all shots, microchipped, neutered, etc. 

He loves to cuddle and burrow under blankets but needs assurance if left alone that you are coming back. We had to wean him off howling the first 4 months by getting him used to leaving the radio and lights on when away. But now he’s very adapted. He is an alpha male dog but gets along well with other dogs, loves to play, and great with people and kids. He doesn’t like cats. Max needs a lot of activity! Hoping he can find a home on a farm, with another dog or two or a very active person who will run or hike with him. 


Phone 503-704-9813 Ariel



Looking for a new adventure buddy? Kaipo is your dog! He is a 3 1/2 year old pit bull, blue heeler mix who loves nothing more than going on a long hike, swimming for hours, climbing the jungle-gym to go down the slide, and greeting you when you get home (he'll wag his tail until he falls over!). He is extremely human-focused and loves snuggling while you watch movies, or hanging out in the kitchen while you cook dinner. Kaipo loves learning new tricks, and has successfully graduated from beginner-obedience and impulse control training classes. Unfortunately, he does not get along with the cats that he just moved in with, and so needs to find a new home. Kaipo is the perfect dog for an active, experienced dog owner without kids or cats. Please contact Anna by phone: (207) 272-4538, or email: if you think you'd be a good fit for Kaipo! 


Hello there! My name is Cleo and I am 3 years old. My mom, Isabel got
me when I was just two months. I am 65lb. half pit-bull and half
boxer. I absolutely love humans whether it be a good back scratch, a
cuddle session, or I can just admire you from a far. I love being
taken on walks and hikes so long as I am on a leash, which I do GREAT
on as-well. I’m like any other dog and bark at the mailman but other
than that I’m not very vocal. And I am awesome at holding my bladder
and will never pee or poop inside our home. I can sit, stay, come, lay
down, and give kisses on demand. I’m very smart and can learn tricks
easily. My main problem is with other dogs. I am not so great with
them, I have shown signs of aggression towards them. I also don’t like
cats. I prefer humans. My parents Isabel and Jake are very broken
about having to find me a new forever home knowing that I will miss
them but they are having a baby son late October and don’t want to
risk me being aggressive or jealous of the new baby. This is very hard
for them to do, so please help me find a new forever home who will
love me just as much as Isabel and Jake do and I will surely do the
same. I make a great companion and am able to put a smile on your face
every day you come home.

To learn more about Cleo email


My name is CHAMP and I’m looking for my forever home

I’m a 5.5yr old neutered male Pit Bull Terrier.

I'm a family man who loves to snuggle and play. I'm very protective of my humans, my mom and two kids. I was rescued about 3 years ago from being a bait dog in dog fighting. For being through this experience I do not get along at all with other dogs and have a tendency to chase cats too. I am current on all shots, have a skin condition that makes me itch so I get regular baths. I am leash trained and potty trained as well. I have a lot of love to give and get from my family. Sadly I need a bigger place to dog out and a family that can be with me more throughout the day. Please help me find my next home. Thank you.

Crystal aka human mom call/txt 503-498-7925


Name: Max
Age 8 year old
Labrador Retriever Mix
100 lbs

Hi my name is Max. I'm looking for my new forever home. I'm shy at first but once I get to know you, I'm friendly and playful. If you got a house with fenced yard that's a big plus for me since I like staying active. I also like going on walks to the park. I can walk along you with no problems. I'm also housebroken so if you need to go to work I can wait until you get home. Prefer a house with no other pet's since I grew up being the only dog in the house I don't really like to share my toys but I'm willing to learn if you teach me. I am looking for an understanding, loving,and patient person who will help me become the best dog I can possibly be. I am up to date all my vaccinations too!

For more information on Max and to discuss my re-homing fee please email


My name is Myah and I am a sweet 7 year old spayed American Bulldog. I currently live with a cat, a dog and 2 bunnies and get along and cuddle with all of them. I love people and kids but I have gone blind in my right eye and little kids are starting to scare me. I'm looking for a home that will love me and won't mind my snoring. It would be best if I was in a home that has kids 10 or older who will be able to be gentle with me. I'm very loyal and a great protector when you're not home and looking to come live with you forever and share my love.

If interested in Myah please email