Indiana Jones

Meet Indiana Jones! He is a year and a half old Gordon Setter/Bernese Mountain dog mix. Indy has spent time in two different shelters before we adopted him 4 months ago. Indy loves other dogs. We have had him in a home with a 10 year old dog and it’s adorable to watch them drink out of the same bowl together! Indy loves to swim, play fetch, and run. He is strong and athletic and loves to follow his nose. He is house trained and can heel most of the time. He is also mellow in the evenings and learns the routines of the house very quickly. We have also been crate training him and he is doing well!

 Recently Indy has been showing some aggression mostly towards females. He seems to display this behavior mostly when he feels trapped, or when females reach to pet him in the evenings, on occasion he has gotten snappy. He did bite someone and if you are interested in him we can share the specifics of this behavior.

 Indy has been such a wonderful dog but due to his aggression we cannot keep him. It breaks our hearts because 99% of the time Indy is a joy to be with. We hope to find someone with a little bit of land and time to spend on him.

Please contact Phineas at 541-490-9666 or if you are interested in meeting Indy!