Name – Bella
Age – Between 5 & 6 
Breed – Mix
Weight – 45 lbs

Bella is a loving, adventurous, loyal pup. We’ve had her just over a year, she was flown in from Hawaii to our local Humane Society, so we don’t know much about her background or how old she really is. The Humane Society believes she’s a Whippet Terrier, but our vet thinks she’s a mix of a few breeds. She’s an amazing dog full of life and energy. She loves to go on hikes and new adventures but also loves to just sit on the couch and cuddle when it’s quiet time. She’s great with kids older than 5 (she does very well with younger kids as well, but she is so full of energy sometimes she doesn’t know to calm down and play easy with them), amazing with other dogs and cats as well. She loves to be outside but must be tied up or in a fenced yard as she is a free spirit and likes to take off on adventures around the neighborhood. Bella is an amazing dog and getting rid of her is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do but it’s what’s best for her. We are gone 10-12 hours a day due to our hectic work schedule, so she is locked up all day and that’s not fair to her. Bella is up to date with her shots, microchipped and spayed, knows basic commands like sit and lay down, is leash trained, and crate trained. She needs a home where she can run and play all day with a big fenced yard, not locked in a create. She is a sweet girl who is looking for a forever home that can give her all the attention she deserves. She is located in Bremerton, WA.

Please contact me if you are interested in meeting Bella.

Brittany 772-579-0319 or