Say hello to Pippie, a sweet 9-year-old Chihuahua-mix! Pippie is 100% lap-dog and her favorite thing is cuddling up in or next to one. If you like to have a relaxing evening in front of your TV Pippie is just the dog to enjoy it with you! Although she is content to be a couch potato she LOVES her walks too, and will get very excited when she sees her leash. She's a little older, so longer walks/more strenuous activities will require a back-up mode of transport for her (a small backpack works well!), but she does well on neighborhood walks and walks around the dog park. She does fine with other pets but would do best in a home with older dogs/dogs who are very mellow. She does not like other animals invading her personal space but will get used to any other pets in the home over time (including cats). Although she's never been aggressive or bitten she can get defensive if larger animals are overly-curious.

Pippie would do best in a home with a set routine, as she is special needs. She is diabetic and requires 2 injections per day, after she has eaten breakfast and dinner. She is also on a special prescription diet (although other prescription diets will work, as long as they are for diabetes control). She may also need glucose testing occasionally. Although she is older, aside from her diabetes she is a happy healthy girl! She can handle everyday obstacles like stairs and jumping up into your lap just fine, and has kept her zest for life in her older age.

If you'd like to learn more about Pippie or are interested in adding her to your family please contact Beverly at: 360-609-8288 (call or text), or e-mail scoggin7639@comcast.net