Prince & John

Hello – My Name is Prince and this is my little brother John. 

Some say it is hard to tell us apart, but when we are next to each other you will notice that I am clearly taller than my brother .

We are very handsome Black and Tan Tibetan Mastiffs and if you can find it in your heart and have the property we would really love to stay together. 

We are soft tempered, enjoy lots of kisses and are dedicated at keeping you safe as Tibetan Mastiffs have amazing guardian instincts. 

I must say we do enjoy the creature comforts of the indoors as much as the outdoors. 

Here is a little bit of information about my brother and me.

  • Full Tibetan Mastiff

  • We are about 3 years old

  • We are both neutered

  • Microchipped

  • Up to date on our shots

  • House Broken

  • Love attention and kisses to boot

  • Will need to be the only dogs as we have not been socialized with other dogs

  • We like to patrol the perimeters morning and night checking for anything that is not as it should be and will let you know if anything is out of the ordinary

  • For our safety, we will need a fenced yard that is completely secured

  • To make our new life successful it would be best if our new human parents had experience with Tibetan Mastiff’s or have done research.

If you’re having a good day, we’ll make it a better day…If you're sad, we'll help you feel better…

You provide us a home with warm beds, we’ll protect you while you sleep and wait for you to wake… If you’re a messy eater, no problem, we’ll vacuum up after you…You throw a ball, um, we won’t retrieve as we don’t understand bring back…maybe you can teach us? 

 You love us we’ll love you even more. 

 If you would like to meet us we currently live in McMinnville Oregon on 40 acres with my Mom (China), my Dad (Mike).  Both Mom and Dad are AKC registered as Full Tibetan Mastiff.   

We will be waiting to greet you with happy faces and wagging tails.

 Happiness awaits you
– Prince and John 

 Please contact my Auntie Rhea and she will set up a time for you to meet us at 503-539-2099