Mini Pinscher+Chihuahua
8 years old

Are you looking for mature pup with some youthful zing still left in her? Well, then Buffy might be the special little Mini Pin’/Chihuahua you are looking for! Buffy formerly belonged to my mom, and was my mom’s closest companion; but back in February my mom tragically and suddenly passed away. My girlfriend and I have been fostering her since then, and we think it’s time for her to find her forever home, with her new parent(s). Buffy can be timid at first, she likes to get to know people and her surroundings. Once she gets a rhythm, she opens up and has a beautiful, unmistakable smile. She’s great as an only dog, but gets along well with nice cats and nice smaller dogs; but larger dogs intimidate her, even if they’re nice. She loves to run around in fenced yards off leash (she’s very fast) and when people who she trusts want to play, she’s all about it. Buffy is family to me, she reminds me of my mom, and I would love it if her new parent(s) send me occasional updates on her and are possibly willing to let me say hi to her on occasion, as she continues to thrive and flourish in her new forever home.

If interested please contact AL Rosales at (808)554-8456 or email accordionwolf@gmail.com