I am in search of a very special person, who would be willing to adopt our dog, Hodor. He is a healthy two and a half year old, neutered, purebred Presa Canario.

99.9% of the time, he is a wonderful dog. He knows and responds well to basic commands, has lived well with cats, other smaller dogs and free range chickens with no issues with those creatures. He is highly affectionate to his people, loves to rest his head in your lap and cuddle. He is not destructive, does not eat food off the counter, get into the garbage or any other “bad dog” behavior, aside from one thing: VERY rare but unpredictable aggression towards strange humans.

Presa Canarios as a breed are meant to be protective, and he is very much so that, to a fault. He does not respond well to strangers in his space, and when a stranger is present, these commands he responds to so well in other contexts go out the window. We have successfully introduced him to many people, even having parties with 15+ people in our house, and after the initial excitement, 99.9% of the time he has accepted that there is no threat and quickly becomes friendly with the new person. But that .1% where he has bitten someone has given us no choice but to try to find him a new home. He has never bitten a person he is familiar with, and I don't believe that he would ever do that. If you are interested in adopting him, I can give the full story if what happened in the bite situation. 

I do truly believe that he is capable of responding to training. If he is in the right home with the right person who has the desire, time and resources to train him, with proper containment from strangers until he can at least be muzzle trained, I believe that it in this scenario it is very likely he will never bite again. Sadly, we don't have the time and resources to provide him with the training he needs, and we need to find a new home for him.

He would be best suited to a property with land, or at least a house with a decent sized yard and very secure fence, a family with no young children, and someone who is compassionate and willing to see his potential and work towards helping him to be his best self. I so badly wish I could be that person. He would be a great addition to the right persons life, and he would be so much better for it too. I don’t think he is well suited to living in an apartment. The small space and constant proximity to strange people would be very stressful for him.

I love this dog so much. He is such a lovable goof ball. He barks at the full moon, chases his tail, loves to drink water from the hose, loves to run and play with his people and other dogs. He is not possessive with food/bones/toys with other dogs and has let our corgi be the "alpha". He does best with smaller dogs. With his people he is so loving, playful, and gentle and it just breaks my heart to have to do this. But I know it is the best possible outcome for both him and us, to find him a person who can do what it takes to handle him properly and safely and be his forever family.

I am terrified that someone may take him, and end up right back where we are now, and end up euthanizing him. The whole reason I am trying to do this is to save his life, so please, if you are interested in adopting him, please know that this is a commitment and he really needs a lot of attention and training. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, I would advise you to do some research before contacting me if you are interested in him. This would be a big commitment, and an investment in his training is needed, but really, he is so worth it. If I had the time to spare and the money to spend it wouldn’t even be a consideration for me, but I don’t, so here we are. If you, or someone you know may be interested in adopting him, please contact me and I am happy to discuss more details and answer any questions.

My name is Amanda Brunelle, Phone: 503-839-3459 Email: gresser.vineyard@gmail.com (I am best reached via email).