I acquired Charlie, as a stray, in the hot Texas countryside in October 2018.  My step-daughter found him, starved & in bad condition. We took him in to care for him until we could possibly find his owner or a new home. He’s a good boy & we hoped that maybe he would fit in with our other 2 male dogs.  At first, things were going fine with him being part of our family. He’s been given proper care/vaccines, nutrition & he’s been neutered. He seems happy & enjoys playing with the other dogs in our home- he plays well with our other dogs. He’s also been left at home while we are gone, without any issue. The reason that I can no longer keep him is because he’s been showing some aggression towards both the other dogs. He’s not aggressive over dog food, beds, toys, bones, etc. I’ve noticed the aggression is due to human affection & human food. I fear that he will be mislabeled at a shelter & euthanized. He’s not aggressive 24/7- I suspect he competes with the other dogs for enough attention. And because he was starving as a stray, I think he’s a little food aggressive. These are the only times I’ve noticed aggression coming from Charlie. I pray that someone might give him a chance & can work to resolve some of these challenges so that Charlie can live a happy life with a person of his own.

 About Charlie:
Breed- Terrier mix/Treeing Walker Coonhound mix
Approx. 1 ½ years oldMale, neutered in January 2019
Not chipped
Current on vaccines & flea treatment (he’s on K9 Advantix)
Heartworm negative- was tested 10/2018 & has been on Heartgard ever since
Approx. 45-48 lbs, full grown

Happy dog
Sweet/affectionate- likes to cuddle & loved on often
Loves people- I believe he needs to have his “own” person
Likes to play
Good amount of energy but also enjoys naps- good mix of both worlds
Very smart- eager to learn. He has great attention span & with a little effort, he’d be great for learning tricks or even be a good hunting companion.
Housebroken/dog door trained
Walks well on a leash
He knows some basic commands- “no”, “sit”, “potty outside”, “stay” and we are working on “down”


He gets car sick- not severe, but he prefers gentler driving when in the car. Aside from this, he travels well.
Other dogs- He might be okay in a home with another dog, as long as the other dog is submissive. He does have a little separation anxiety, so another animal would help this, if it’s possible to resolve the aggression issue. 
We have a cat. He’s not mean to her, but he chases her. I’m not sure if he should be around cats in the future
We have young kids- he does well with kids but if they have food, it might be an issue

 Please consider Charlie. He’s got a great deal of potential & I know the right home will make all the difference for this little guy.

 If interested in Charlie please contact Lindsay at OR 503-951-2975