Hi! Wanna snuggle! That’s what I’m best at! That and fetching a ball! I love to hike and sniff all around and am pretty good at finding things with my nose. In fact, hide and seek is one of my favorite games. Don’t worry, I don’t need tons and tons of exercise, I’m really a 65 pound lap dog! I’m 7 years old and been very healthy, I’m more prone to try to eat a bee than have any long term health problems. I have all my vaccinations and use Trifexis for flea control. Even though I look big and tough, I’m really a bit of a ninny! Loud sounds, like fireworks, are very scary for me! I love love love being with my people and want to be involved with everything you do! Unless it involves another animal. I don't share my toys very well with little humans. I’m very interested in knowing who the alpha in the house is and it makes me feel more secure knowing it’s not me!  I was taught all my manners and a few tricks with a clicker and snacks. I’ll do absolutely anything for a treat! Bring me home and you'll never have cold feet again!

Please contact Abby at 208-380-0312 or abbyjophillips@gmail.com with any questions or interest