Born Jan 2014 in Kauai, HI- 5yr old
Reddish brown
60ish lbs
Hound mix- looks like a small ridgeless Rhodesian ridgeback
Neutered /Rabies Vaccinated 

Sweet Cedar can be your new best friend! He is an energetic, funny, and loving dog. Cedar is well trained on all basic commands, as well as tricks. He loves the outdoors, running, and swimming. He would really thrive on a property where he can run. Overall he is enthusiastic and wonderful around people. He can be reactive around other dogs, especially when on leash. He has been through reactive behavior training and will need an owner who has strong dog handling skills. He can be unpredictable around small children, so a home without young kids. He loves to cuddle and is an overall lovely companion. A suitable home for Cedar is one without cats or other pets unless we try a meet+greet first. He deserves a home where he can be his best self!

For more info on Cedar please email heyjennierler@gmail.com