Hi, my name is Coco. I'm a male ~4yr old toy poodle/possibly Bichon mix. I'm neutered and up to date on vaccines, and take Heartworm prevention and flea prevention monthly. 
My current person has to move into an assisted care home and I can't go with her. This makes me very sad as I really get attached to one person and they are my everything.  
I'm a tender-hearted fellow and don't like kids. They are too loud and unpredictable.  I also don't like cats. I live with them now, and another dog, but after almost 2 years I still growl at and pick on the cats.  The dog is okay. I've learned to like him. We play okay together.  But when I go on walks, I bark and lunge at dogs and some strangers.
I prefer women as a previous home had a nasty man taking care of me. But I've warmed up to the man in my current home. 
I potty outside. They take me outside a lot. 5-6 times a day. But if they don’t, I pee in the house. So, please be patient. I also get scared and pee when strangers try to pick me up. I like to protect my person and my house. 
The people I live with now made sure my vaccines were up to date and just had my teeth cleaned.  They also had the vet check me for any health issues. Other than knees that pop out sometimes (common in tiny dogs) and allergies, I am in tip top shape. They also have taught me some manners and things I get treats for like, "sit","down","off","wait", and "quiet".
I get Heartworm prevention and flea prevention monthly. *Oral Flea prevention is a must as I am highly allergic to flea bites. Even in winter. *
I love to have spa days. I usually go to the groomer every 8-10 weeks and will likely need a dental yearly. Expenses to consider. 
Ideally, I'd like to live with a single person or couple in a quiet household with no kids or cats. Seriously.  No kids.  

If I sound like the little fluff ball you've been looking for please contact Eli: Boing73 at gmail dot com. Put "about Coco" in the subject or call 215-200-1076

 I won't be available until late May-ish. I just had surgery to remove some extra dewclaws on my back feet.
I'm microchipped and current foster family recommend an experienced dog owner, especially with toy breeds. I would be adopted out under the condition that if you can't keep me, you bring me back to Eli. 

I hope to find my new person, soon!