Age: 2 years
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier/Chocolate Lab
Weight: 58 pounds

Tate is a very sweet boy, who loves to follow his Mama around the house, sleep in bed and lay on her lap. Unfortunately, Mama has some medical conditions that, after 14 months of loving Tate, she must focus on. All would be fine if Tate didn't jump her six-foot fence and chase the kids in the neighborhood. He hasn't bitten them but he can be scary to a little kid! 

Tate needs someone that can run him and tire him out. He is an escape artist and should NEVER be underestimated in his ability to get out. He needs to stay inside the house unless out on a walk. He should NEVER be around children - in the home or outside. He is very anxious and reacts negatively to too much high-pitched noise (like what little children make). He needs to be in an adult home that is quiet, calm and peaceful.

If interested in Tate please contact Shauna at 503-459-6849