Diego is a 3 year-old Australian Cattledog mix. He came to Oregon a year ago, found by a shelter in California as a stray.  He was adopted by a family that deeply loves him, but it’s clear he would do best in a quiet home, with adults only.

Diego is incredibly sweet, smart, adorable, and well-behaved. He's interested in other dogs – mostly to sniff, or hang out with one on one, but doesn’t care for dog parks.  He loves to be pet and rubbed and will snuggle close as long as you are loving him. Other times, he prefers to hang out in a quieter space, near his crate. In nice weather, he also loves hanging out in the backyard.   He is crate-trained, walks well on a leash (as long as you don’t mind lots of stops for sniffing) and doesn’t get into any mischief in the house. He doesn’t exhibit any anxiety about being left for the day by his family, and generally has a very calm demeanor.  He currently lives with a guinea pig and doesn’t pay much attention to her. The same with the squirrels and bunnies he sees in the yard and walking, so we suspect he’d be fine with cats, but can’t speak from experience.

It seems clear that Diego’s early life was rough.  He is blind in one eye and had a bad tooth when adopted (which is now fixed).  All this means he can be quite fearful, and startles easily at loud sounds and unexpected activity.  He loves his adopted family’s boys but also is frequently uneasy with their rough play and loud noises.  Due to his breed and background, his discomfort is displayed by nipping. For this reason, he needs a childless, calmer home.   If this describes your situation, he would undoubtably make a wonderful addition to your home.

Please contact us if you’d like to talk more about this sweet boy! Matt: mattlovellhall@gmail.com  (503)516-1561 OR Kristy: msclaypoole@gmail.com (503)516-1457