Saint is a beautiful 14 month old neutered male Border Collie who is in need of a loving home that preferably has someone in the home most of the time (maybe someone who works from home? Or can take Saint with them during the day?). Saint can struggle with anxiety if left alone for long and like most Border Collies has energy to burn. Saint is an extremely smart dog and is a graduate of Basic Manners Class (through Plucky Puppy). He answers to verbal and hand commands and picks up new lessons quickly. Saint is a sweetheart who loves road trips and snuggling. As a single dog-parent and someone who works long hours I know that Saint needs more time than my life/work allows me to give him. Someone who works well with dogs and even has training experience and/or has an understanding of dogs and anxiety would be a bonus for Saint and I have no doubt would bring out all of the amazing traits that Saint holds. He truly is an incredible loving dog!

If interested in Saint please contact Kenya 541-226-1778 or