Queen Amidala

his is Queen Amidala (she responds to Dala). She is a 15 year old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix who is in need of a new home. She is a wonderful little 9 pound girl who loves nothing more than sitting in your lap. She also loves being cuddled up in a blanket and sleeping on pillows. She bonds with a person very quickly and then never wants to leave your side. She is a very loving and caring companion dog.

She is in great health, her joints and bones are all in good condition and she can run and jump and easily get up and down stairs. She has had a few teeth removed but the ones she still has are in excellent condition. She is spayed and microchipped and housebroken.

I think she had a rough go as a young dog because one of her feet appears to have been broken before (doesn't affect her at all now) and she has a lot of scar tissue in one of her ears causing it to kind of fold/flop over.

She does have some food allergies to chicken and grains, so we feed her grain-free salmon based food and she loves it!

The reason we need to re-home her is because her past owners lied about her being good with cats. She has chased our cat and barked at her multiple times and no amount of training has helped--even though other than that, she is pretty good with training.

She comes with a kennel and bed, leash and collar, sweaters and harness, puppy stairs to get up onto the couch, and lots of toys. 
We will be asking for a rehoming fee to ensure that she goes to the right home and can get the best retirement possible.

If you are interested in meeting this little girl, please email me (Kylissa) at kylissa.moore@aol.com