Oh, our little Foxy dog! We would miss you to the end of the earth, but we just don’t have enough to give you to keep you happy and fulfilled.

Foxy is a 4 and a half year old brindle Australian Cattle Dog mix with a heart that is way too big for her little 35 pound body and a need for space that is beyond what this Portland life can give her.  We got her at 10 weeks from the Humane Society and treated her with kindness throughout her life. She is loving, smart bordering on doggy brilliant, and obedient. She is house trained and great with kids and adults (though has a tendency to herd and tell them where to be when it suits her). She loves to fetch and run, but most of all just loves to be outside in wide-open spaces.

We, our little family of three with another coming soon, love this little lady to death. I most of all, would miss her exuberant homecoming welcomes and ear kisses. Unfortunately, we feel that we just cannot give her enough of the space she needs with our little Portland yard and lifestyle and feel she deserves more. We are in no hurry and would like to find the right place for her, ideally in the country somewhere with real acreage to run around on. She would thrive in a home with fields or forests to explore. She may do well with other dogs with the right personality but mostly likes to be a solo quadruped with her two-legged family.

Physically she is as healthy as can be with very few costs or special needs. Mentally, she has a lot of anxiety in this life of ours, though this always seems to melt away in the right setting. We have had to resort to medicines (clonidine and sertraline) to help her with this but feel it would be better for her to just have her needs met. These needs are really just exercise, space, and lots of positive love and kind words.

Her skills:
-House training
-Leash training
-Comes, sits, stays, waits, shakes, and LOVES

-Beautiful brindle hair
-Professional athlete’s energy

 If you would like to meet this little lady on your land, please email or text 503.887.4388.