Hello my name is Charlie I am a Boston Terrrier Border Collie/ Australian Sheppard mix, 5 years old. Due to health issues, my current owners don’t have the capacity to keep up with my activity needs like walking and playing.

I am a good loyal dog, I love to play frisbee, I hike in the woods and run on the beach. I grew up around 2 boys and would love to have a family with children over the age of 7 to play with. I am house broken and will sleep all day while people are at work or school. Since I was 4 months old I have never had an accident in the house, I don’t chew on your stuff or dig holes in the yard. My original owners retired abroad and it is really difficult for them to take me traveling all over with them. I am with an older couple right now and don’t get out like I used to:( I need consistency and have the ability to walk nicely with a “gentle lead” collar. I follow commands and do some tricks and of course love to fetch and play “keep away” I play well with small groups of dogs I know but sometimes a dog park full of other dogs is a bit overwhelming. I have never lived with a cat and will try to chase when they stray into may turf. I am not fond of squirrels either for some reason...It’s the terrier in me :) If you would like to meet me please call Matt at 971-221-5200‬