Hi, I’m Che. I was a Mexican street dog for the first 15 months of my life, but I was rescued from a garbage dump in Baja, neutered, vaccinated, quarantined, and then sent to a rescue group in Portland for adoption in late 2015. They called me “Baja Smiley,” and you can probably see why.

My family named me “Che,” which is Argentine slang meaning something like “dude.” They introduced me to indoor living, toys, treats, walks, and regular meals starting in early 2016, and I’ve been very happy with them from the start. But I do get nervous around toddlers and small children because they’re raucous and unpredictable. So, when I feel threatened, I’m liable to nip them as a warning. Because my family has several toddlers who visit often, I need to find a new family now.

I’m very enthusiastic, bright, loyal, and affectionate; I’m completely healthy, I weigh about 50 lbs., and I have had all my shots. I’m chipped, too. I know a lot of commands, I get along with most other dogs, and I’m a very cooperative walker, on-leash or off. I never get on the furniture, and I’m reliable at home alone for long periods. At night, I sleep in my crate (with the door open) or underneath the bed.

 For more information or a chance to meet me at my SE Portland home, please e-mail