American Pit Bull Terrier
1 Year Old
58 pounds

Do you have energy? I have energy! Are you ready to play!? I’m ready! And then a short rest. And then more play! I would do best in an environment without any other dogs or cats, so I can be your best and only friend! I sure do love all these humans that are attentive to my needs and have a hankering to work on the basics with me. Did I mention I love to play? And treats? I love treats. I love playing with humans, and treats, and practicing my manners (so that I can get more treats!) I’m a good listener with a bit of direction. I assure you my capacity for love and loyalty is outmatched only by my handsomeness! So, c’mon human, take me home.  Let’s live and learn together, and take on the world!... while we work on where my big comfy bed goes in my new home, of course. Actually, maybe we can just share yours? Treats on the nightstand, please!

Please call or email Brandon Schultz at Sniff Dog Hotel: 503.208.2366 or for more information.