Hi! My name is Lyric and I am a 1.5 year old pitty mix! I love to run and play with my friends,  (especially the big, bouncy boy dogs). But after I've had a good walk or play session, I'm happy to lay around on the couch or cuddle with my people. I especially love lounging outside when its sunny out.

I enjoy getting lots of love and attention, and playing with my chew bones!  And boy, oh boy, do I love my bones - I will chew on them 'til I fall asleep. I usually get scared of people when I first meet them, so I bark to make them think I'm tough, but really I'm just a big softy once you get to know me better. I promise you I'm worth getting to know!

I think I mentioned it before, but I love playing with other dogs. Sometimes when I see other dogs on leash I get scared and bark at them to make myself seem tough, but it's all a front. Some might say I'm "selective" about who can be my friend, but I say it’s just good taste. I would be happy to be your only dog, having all your love and attention sounds alright by me! But I could also do well with a big brother who also likes to play my favorite games like tug and keep-away. I am not a big fan of cats though.

My ideal person is someone who has experience with dogs so that they can help me work through some of my challenges and make sure I follow all the rules (my mommy at PPP made me write this)."

Lyric's adoption fee is $200. To meet Lyric, please email Cait at or call (253)858-4240.