Benny is around 16 years old and in pretty good health.  Benny weighs 15 lbs and  just had a vet visit nail trim and rabies shot end of Nov.  He does not see well and is a bit hard of hearing but can hear.  He can find his way around my house and should be able to learn another home too.   He does not do his business in the house and is very polite.  Doesn’t chew on things or get in the garbage.  If you drop food he will take care of it for you though.

Benny likes to sit next to people on the couch or in a recliner and sleeps on my bed.  He is friendly with people and likes to go for short walks but is fine as a house dog.  He has short hair so doesn't shed much.

He needs a person or couple to live out the rest of his life.  Please consider him. 

If you are interested in meeting him, please call me at 503-702-7912