Nara is a 5-year-old Australian Cattle dog/blue healer.  She is a special girl--smart, active, loyal, athletic and loving...but she is a herding dog and our current lifestyle does not meet some of her needs for activity and challenge.  When we got Nara, we lived on a large rural property but have moved to an apartment in the city so have been less able to give her the exercise and a job that she needs, and the complex is loaded with cats and squirrels.

Nara knows basic commands such as sit, lie down, stand up, wait and follow (heal) and has done very well learning to herd sheep.  In addition, she responds to less common commands such as “this way” when changing directions when walked off leash.  She jumps through a hula hoop and is an expert with CleverPet. 

Nara, an Australian aboriginal girl’s name for companion, exemplifies that label.  Yet, despite her loyalty and bonding, she is very amenable to change.   We left her with a sitter for 5 weeks and, when we returned, she looked back at the sitter as if missing her as we left and at the same time, greeted us enthusiastically.  She has been left 2 other times with the same sitter and is happy to see the sitter her each time.

On one hand, it will be hard to part with Nara—she is my favorite dog among many others.  At the same I want find the best situation for her and that is not our current, and likely future, living situation.


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