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The dogs listed here are dogs who are in need of a new home but are not actually available for adoption through Family Dogs New Life shelter. These dogs belong to individuals who are no longer able to keep them.
This is just our way of helping dogs find their way to a new life when we are not able to take them into our care. These dogs have not been evaluated by Family Dogs staff.
If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs listed here please contact their person directly.
If you have a dog that you are looking to re-home and you would like us to place them on our website please send us an email.



This is Bella she Is a 3 year old medium size Pointer Lab Mix. She was a rescue and It's with a heavy heart that I HAVE to re-home her. She is great with small animals children and people. Weary of Men and does bark when people come to the home but not a threat. She is registered and Has had her Rabies shot. I love this dog and we have become very close she listens very well and is happy just being around someone. She would love walks but also likes freedom to come and go as she pleases. She Deserves a great owner. She does have some anxiety and allergy issues so please know that. She was abused at a young age so she will needs lots of love. Not getting in her face for kisses until you have built a bond with one another. She is on grain free food from PetCo and does best with her food allergies on that food. Please contact me If you or anyone you know are interested in Bella. My name is Amber and my Email address is (


Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd Mix
70 pounds
Family friendly: YES
Dog friendly: YES
Cat friendly: YES

My name is Duke and I am an amazing family dog. I am a very calm boy that gets along with EVERYONE. I have lots of experience with children and other animals. I am an indoor dog that never potty’s inside and loves to be with my people but never over affectionate. I am up to date on shots and am neutered. I am basically the perfect pet, except for my allergies.

My only issue is that I am highly allergic to most human foods and get into terrible flare ups that last 12 weeks. In the first 8 weeks I itch terribly, scratching until I have no hair left on certain patches of skin, and become dry and ashen all over. The biggest issue (aside from my awful discomfort) is the fact the dry skin results in extreme flaky dander which three out of six of my owners have sensitivities and health related dangers to. Because of this, my owners must find me a new family who can keep up with my special food or have the patience to do the Elimination Diet.

Currently, I am in a flare up and do not look my best (this photo was taken right before). My owners have done all they can and now patiently await my patches to grow back and the allergies to leave my system (estimated 6 weeks out).

If you would like to be my family, please reach out to my owners for a meet and greet.

Blythe: Or text (971)221-5442


Benny is around 16 years old and in pretty good health.  Benny weighs 15 lbs and  just had a vet visit nail trim and rabies shot end of Nov.  He does not see well and is a bit hard of hearing but can hear.  He can find his way around my house and should be able to learn another home too.   He does not do his business in the house and is very polite.  Doesn’t chew on things or get in the garbage.  If you drop food he will take care of it for you though.

Benny likes to sit next to people on the couch or in a recliner and sleeps on my bed.  He is friendly with people and likes to go for short walks but is fine as a house dog.  He has short hair so doesn't shed much.

He needs a person or couple to live out the rest of his life.  Please consider him. 

If you are interested in meeting him, please call me at 503-702-7912

Zeppelin & Oakley

We are needing to rehome our two medium/large, 8 year old mixed-breed female doggos, as life has changed and we just aren't the best owners for them anymore. They deserve more attention and time than we are able to give them. They are wonderful dogs! (We adopted them, so we are not totally sure of age or breed, but we believe the blonde one- Zeppelin- is a ridgeback/pit mix, and the black one- Oakley- is a pointer/pit mix.)

MUST be an active family- these dogs need to be walked/hiked/exercised! They are well-behaved if they get the exercise they need. Totally potty-trained, no accidents ever, sweet, cuddly, love people, BUT need leash-training and to be re-socialized with other dogs. Have never been around cats. Are great around kids, but would prefer a new family has at least older children, if not no kids, just because having young children is one of the main reasons we aren't able to spend the time or money to work with them! Do have a history of some behavioral issues, but only when not properly exercised, which is why I say a new family must be active and willing to walk them and get out and about with them! They are also dog-reactive at this point; they were very socialized in their first few years, but they suddenly began to be reactive one day. I think with training and work, it can be corrected! They have the potential to be great dogs with the proper attention and basic training, and we, unfortunately, are not in a position to do this. 

Ideally, the dogs will go together; they are bonded and love each other. Not necessarily required, though.

(This is really hard on our family and not a decision that was come to quickly and easily, as they are apart of our family... we are just not the best owners for them since we do not have the time to spend with them, and they deserve better!)

They are spayed, micro-chipped, and will be up to date with vaccines. Both doggos in good health.

Please reach out with interest!



Oakley and Zeppelin.jpg


Finnick is a sweet English Setter who is around 8 years old. His happy place is being as close to a human being as possible, preferably right on top. He is perfectly fine with other dogs and children as well, although Cats are not his favorite thing. At the dog park, he will spend most of his time going around to get pets from the humans than playing with other dogs. He spent a couple years living with a small dog and they were great buddies.

He is used to being able to roam the house during the day, also uses a crate to sleep in. He does have some separation anxiety, although it gets better once he is used to a routine, he is used to using anti-anxiety and barking devices (thundercoat, vibrating bark collar etc.). He can sit, stay, lay down and “go to bed”. Would recommend a good yard where he can expend his nervous energy.


He is neutered and microchipped, originally adopted from the Oregon Humane Society after being found in Klamath Falls six years ago.


If you’re interested in meeting this sweet boy, contact Jessica at:




Odie is a lovable 9-year old Boston Terrier who unfortunately has a history of biting people with whom he is unfamiliar. However, once he warms up to new people, he is calm and sweet. With the exception of barking when the doorbell rings, Odie is very easy-going, patient, and loves to curl up on a soft chair or take a nap on the ground in the sun. He loves being around people and other dogs (he's never been around cats) and has grown up around three young children. He is neutered and current on his vaccinations. We are heartbroken to be parting ways with Odie, but we don't have the time to invest in behavioral training for Odie's biting.

Please call or text Emily at 503-888-1438 if interested in learning more about Odie.


We need to find a new home for our dog. He has been an amazing part of our family. We got him at 8 weeks old. But, as life changes, so does our ability to give him the attention he needs. We are out of town a lot and are more regularly finding dog-sitters. 

He is a friendly dog with a fair amount of energy. He loves to fetch the ball (he brings it back every time), he is obedience trained with the choke-chain, and is also house trained. He is good with other dogs (has never bit or fought a dog). He has been an outside dog that sleeps inside on a dog bed. 

One thing is that he doesn’t do well with kennels or cages. He gets very anxious. He likes to be around people. He stays off the beds and furniture, occasionally he does transgress, but is mostly great with staying off things. Doesn’t chew or dig. 

My email is and/or my phone number is 9517515933 (please leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up)



Max is a sweet, loveable 2.5yr 12 lb Wire Hair Fox Terrier /Chihuahua mix. He has been with us for a year and although this breaks our heart... it’s made it obvious he needs:

A large outdoor space like a farm or big yard

Or, a very active or outdoors type of person!

He’s VERY smart. We’ve had great success training him with treats and a person with more time could do a lot more.

He’s very healthy, current on all shots, microchipped, neutered, etc. 

He loves to cuddle and burrow under blankets but needs assurance if left alone that you are coming back. We had to wean him off howling the first 4 months by getting him used to leaving the radio and lights on when away. But now he’s very adapted. He is an alpha male dog but gets along well with other dogs, loves to play, and great with people and kids. He doesn’t like cats. Max needs a lot of activity! Hoping he can find a home on a farm, with another dog or two or a very active person who will run or hike with him. 


Phone 503-704-9813 Ariel



Looking for a new adventure buddy? Kaipo is your dog! He is a 3 1/2 year old pit bull, blue heeler mix who loves nothing more than going on a long hike, swimming for hours, climbing the jungle-gym to go down the slide, and greeting you when you get home (he'll wag his tail until he falls over!). He is extremely human-focused and loves snuggling while you watch movies, or hanging out in the kitchen while you cook dinner. Kaipo loves learning new tricks, and has successfully graduated from beginner-obedience and impulse control training classes. Unfortunately, he does not get along with the cats that he just moved in with, and so needs to find a new home. Kaipo is the perfect dog for an active, experienced dog owner without kids or cats. Please contact Anna by phone: (207) 272-4538, or email: if you think you'd be a good fit for Kaipo! 


Hello there! My name is Cleo and I am 3 years old. My mom, Isabel got
me when I was just two months. I am 65lb. half pit-bull and half
boxer. I absolutely love humans whether it be a good back scratch, a
cuddle session, or I can just admire you from a far. I love being
taken on walks and hikes so long as I am on a leash, which I do GREAT
on as-well. I’m like any other dog and bark at the mailman but other
than that I’m not very vocal. And I am awesome at holding my bladder
and will never pee or poop inside our home. I can sit, stay, come, lay
down, and give kisses on demand. I’m very smart and can learn tricks
easily. My main problem is with other dogs. I am not so great with
them, I have shown signs of aggression towards them. I also don’t like
cats. I prefer humans. My parents Isabel and Jake are very broken
about having to find me a new forever home knowing that I will miss
them but they are having a baby son late October and don’t want to
risk me being aggressive or jealous of the new baby. This is very hard
for them to do, so please help me find a new forever home who will
love me just as much as Isabel and Jake do and I will surely do the
same. I make a great companion and am able to put a smile on your face
every day you come home.

To learn more about Cleo email


My name is CHAMP and I’m looking for my forever home

I’m a 5.5yr old neutered male Pit Bull Terrier.

I'm a family man who loves to snuggle and play. I'm very protective of my humans, my mom and two kids. I was rescued about 3 years ago from being a bait dog in dog fighting. For being through this experience I do not get along at all with other dogs and have a tendency to chase cats too. I am current on all shots, have a skin condition that makes me itch so I get regular baths. I am leash trained and potty trained as well. I have a lot of love to give and get from my family. Sadly I need a bigger place to dog out and a family that can be with me more throughout the day. Please help me find my next home. Thank you.

Crystal aka human mom call/txt 503-498-7925


Name: Max
Age 8 year old
Labrador Retriever Mix
100 lbs

Hi my name is Max. I'm looking for my new forever home. I'm shy at first but once I get to know you, I'm friendly and playful. If you got a house with fenced yard that's a big plus for me since I like staying active. I also like going on walks to the park. I can walk along you with no problems. I'm also housebroken so if you need to go to work I can wait until you get home. Prefer a house with no other pet's since I grew up being the only dog in the house I don't really like to share my toys but I'm willing to learn if you teach me. I am looking for an understanding, loving,and patient person who will help me become the best dog I can possibly be. I am up to date all my vaccinations too!

For more information on Max and to discuss my re-homing fee please email


My name is Myah and I am a sweet 7 year old spayed American Bulldog. I currently live with a cat, a dog and 2 bunnies and get along and cuddle with all of them. I love people and kids but I have gone blind in my right eye and little kids are starting to scare me. I'm looking for a home that will love me and won't mind my snoring. It would be best if I was in a home that has kids 10 or older who will be able to be gentle with me. I'm very loyal and a great protector when you're not home and looking to come live with you forever and share my love.

If interested in Myah please email


American Pit Bull Terrier
1 Year Old
58 pounds

Do you have energy? I have energy! Are you ready to play!? I’m ready! And then a short rest. And then more play! I would do best in an environment without any other dogs or cats, so I can be your best and only friend! I sure do love all these humans that are attentive to my needs and have a hankering to work on the basics with me. Did I mention I love to play? And treats? I love treats. I love playing with humans, and treats, and practicing my manners (so that I can get more treats!) I’m a good listener with a bit of direction. I assure you my capacity for love and loyalty is outmatched only by my handsomeness! So, c’mon human, take me home.  Let’s live and learn together, and take on the world!... while we work on where my big comfy bed goes in my new home, of course. Actually, maybe we can just share yours? Treats on the nightstand, please!

Please call or email Brandon Schultz at Sniff Dog Hotel: 503.208.2366 or for more information.


Hi! My name is Lyric and I am a 1.5 year old pitty mix! I love to run and play with my friends,  (especially the big, bouncy boy dogs). But after I've had a good walk or play session, I'm happy to lay around on the couch or cuddle with my people. I especially love lounging outside when its sunny out.

I enjoy getting lots of love and attention, and playing with my chew bones!  And boy, oh boy, do I love my bones - I will chew on them 'til I fall asleep. I usually get scared of people when I first meet them, so I bark to make them think I'm tough, but really I'm just a big softy once you get to know me better. I promise you I'm worth getting to know!

I think I mentioned it before, but I love playing with other dogs. Sometimes when I see other dogs on leash I get scared and bark at them to make myself seem tough, but it's all a front. Some might say I'm "selective" about who can be my friend, but I say it’s just good taste. I would be happy to be your only dog, having all your love and attention sounds alright by me! But I could also do well with a big brother who also likes to play my favorite games like tug and keep-away. I am not a big fan of cats though.

My ideal person is someone who has experience with dogs so that they can help me work through some of my challenges and make sure I follow all the rules (my mommy at PPP made me write this)."

Lyric's adoption fee is $200. To meet Lyric, please email Cait at or call (253)858-4240.