Pit Bull Terrier
2 years old
65 pounds

Can you imagine, beautiful ol’ me, a castaway? Floating through loneliness without a love raft in sight? Now I am left searching for my next big break. Will I ever star in my own series? All this uncertainty can really make a girl’s head spin! All I know is that I got the chops to make one family happier than they could ever imagine. Being a TV star, you have to be flexible and willing to work in all sorts of conditions with all sorts of people. I just love to play with my props and toys but sometimes get a little over zealous in so even though I just adore children it’s best I find a family with kids who are old enough to handle my rowdy play, let’s say 7 or 8+.  I love to play improv with dogs my size, but I will not share the spotlight with cats. I generally prefer to have my own dressing room (aka crate) when my family is away because it really helps me to feel safe and secure. Are you looking for a new leading lady? Because I am ready for my close-up!

2 years old-65lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes microchip & registration, spay, reduced-cost training lass, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.