The Family Dogs

Who are ‘The Family Dogs’ ? Although Family Dogs New Life Shelter is not an animal sanctuary we do provide a lifelong safe-haven for a select number of dogs who have come into our care and thrive in our environment but we feel are unfit for adoption. The dogs listed here are our family. These dogs live here at the shelter, this has become their home, for one reason or another, and we love them like our own.


I have a dream, of finding a person to love me and cherish me. To provide me with the structure and security I deserve. I am a loyal and protective companion, a sensitive fella at heart. I adore my person and love the attention they offer. I love to sit at your feet and curl up next to you on the couch, I’ll follow you around the house and make you feel safe at night…just like your Shadow. Truth is… I fall head over heels for my human and I don’t want anyone else to intrude on our relationship. Tough sell, I know. That’s exactly how I landed myself this roll, as one of “The Family Dogs”….you know, the select few that get to call FDNLS their forever home. It’s pretty good deal if you ask me, I get to feel safe and secure and I know that I can just hang out being the little stinker I am…protecting stuff, following around the staff and playing with other dogs. No strangers to deal with, no intruders that I gotta share my people with…Just me, the folks of FDNLS and whole shelter to keep guard over.

Shadow has been in our care since January of 2012. If you would like to sponsor Shadow to help us continue to provide him with a wonderful environment please make a donation the the shelter on his behalf.



So a couple things about me. Let’s start with the important stuff. My name is Baxter. I am a dog. I have 4 legs and wagging tail. Some people say I am cute. I agree. There are quite a few things I am really good at, such as; I am house broken, crate trained, I know how to ride in a car well, I take treats gently, I get off furniture when asked, I know sit, stay, down, off and leave it, I get along great with other dogs, I can co-habitat with cats.  I enjoy naps, snuggling and belly rubs, and I like going for walks. Playing with toys isn’t really my thing, I’d prefer to just sit back and relax with my human. But let me tell ya what I do best of all! Protecting My People. I excel at it. I love the people closest to me, and if I don’t know you I probably won’t like you. Pardon my blunt demeanor but I don’t like wasting time, unless it is for a nap. And I get plenty of naps around here,  I don’t ever have to meet anyone I don’t want to, plus I have some great people here whom I really like. I’ve decided that they are my family and this is my home, it turns out. This is where I really excel.

Baxter has been in our care since November of 2013. If you would like to sponsor Baxter to help us continue to provide him with a wonderful environment please make a donation the the shelter on his behalf.



Gretsch is our lil rock star! He came here to FDNLS in December of 2010 with a long history of being quite the guardian gladiator. We had hoped that Gretsch would find a suitable person of his own to protect, but over the months we learned that, even at just 15 pounds, his guard dog skills are a bit more then the average adopter can handle. Gretsch has had plenty of time to bond to all of us, and we think that he’s decided that this should be his forever home. Here he has a job to do…keeping everyone safe from unforeseen danger. Gretsch loves that, and we love Gretsch- so we’ve decided to welcome him as one of our own- don’t tell Gretch, but the truth is, we know that here is where he’ll be kept safe 🙂 We believe that Gretsch deserves to live a long and happy life and so he becomes one of The Family Dogs.

With heavy hearts we said good-bye to our good friend Gretsch on 3/17/2015… he lived a long 11 years, and we’re pretty sure the last 5 he spent with us was the best he could have asked for. 


Chloe Rose

I am an old fashion type of girl, delicate like a rose. I like to take things nice and easy…I’m much more comfortable with the familiar, than trying out new and exciting things.  With a face as smoochable as mine you’d think I’d be accustomed to getting all kinds of love and affection, but sadly I haven’t. Truth is, I have gotten much at all in my 9 years of life and I think it is about time I start getting all the love and care I have been missing out on all these years. Everyone was really hoping I’d finally get my shot at the loving family I deserve, but today we learned some pretty sad news…I went in to see the doctors, and it turns out I have the C word (you know, the ugly Cancer). It’s a bit embarrassing to talk about, being that the tumor is on my anal gland. But I can tell you, as much as I am an optimist, sometimes you just have to accept when things are beyond your control.
So I guess I have found what I was looking for with the folks here at FDNLS – a family to love me forever & ever- just not exactly the way we had all imagined. Being loved feels good, no matter, and I know that my new FD Family feels pretty darn honored to get to love me during this time when I need it most.

On March 26th 2014 we said goodbye to sweet Chloe Rose, she passed peacefully on… surrounded by love, head resting in my hands.



Dolly & Cosmo

Dolly and Cosmo, they’re like husband and wife.  Inseparable. Cosmo came to the old shelter (Family Dogs NW) in December of 2000 and Dolly came just about one year later.  Cosmo was transferred to Family Dogs from a county shelter, where he was not eligible for adoption due to his rather severe aggression issues. With a lot of time and training Cosmo has learned to live with other dogs and he now actually enjoys the company of other canines quite a lot, however he has never fully overcome his aggressive tendencies towards some people. Dolly came to us from her owner with a litter of 3 week old puppies, her people promised to come back for her when the puppies were weaned but they never did.  Dolly didn’t hold a grudge, she took right to us and absolutely loved hanging out with the other dogs. She and Cosmo immediately hit it off- it was love at first sight. As time went on Dolly bonded to us and claimed us as her own. She has become quite over protective of her Family! Neither of these dogs had ever lived indoors as pets, neither of them had received the love and training they deserved- until they came to Family Dogs.  The fact that they have bonded so closely these past years makes us feel very strongly that they deserve to spend their entire lives together. They are no longer looking for companionship as they have each other (and of course, they have us!). Cosmo and Dolly will live here with us for the rest of their lives, they love it here , we love them dearly – this has become their home!

On March 29th 2011 we said good bye to our sweet Dolly…she passed away at 15 years of age.
Cosmo joined her on April 18 2012, he was almost 16 years old. 




Triffi is our mascot, our building dog, the big drooly face we see first thing each morning. He spends his days following us humans around, laying at our feet and making sure he is always within sight. He may weigh 170 pounds, but don’t tell him that, he is a lap dog at heart.

On May 15 2010 we gave our boy a kiss goodbye. After a courageous battle with cancer Triffi laid down his head to rest in peace.



Oh, the stories I could tell! I have been through so much in my past but I am not a lady to hold a grudge. I have moved on to bigger and better things. I have been here for years, waiting patiently for an angel to come and adopt me. I am a very sweet, outgoing, lovable girl but I am easily stimulated and need a calm experienced person to give me the guidance and control I long for. I have decided that I don’t mind living here in the shelter, and my people (the ones who work here) love me very very much. I do well with the cats that live here, we spend a lot of time together… since I don’t get along with other dogs I have to hang out in the break room AKA Caroline’s Room. I get to chew on bones and nap on my pile of dog beds. It is a lazy life and I enjoy it! Sure a home of my own would have been grand but I’m not looking for that any more- I found my home here at Family Dogs.

On April 1 2010, after 8 years together, we said good bye to our old gal…. Rest in Peace sweet Caroline.