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The dogs listed here are dogs who are in need of a new home but are not actually available for adoption through Family Dogs New Life shelter. These dogs belong to individuals who are no longer able to keep them.
This is just our way of helping dogs find their way to a new life when we are not able to take them into our care. These dogs have not been evaluated by Family Dogs staff.
If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs listed here please contact their person directly.
If you have a dog that you are looking to re-home and you would like us to place them on our website please send us an email.


Hi! My name is Oliver and I am looking for a forever home. I am a 3 year old neutered Labradoodle who is updated on vaccinations and microchipped.

I am friendly, affectionate, and loyal with people I know. While I can be withdrawn when faced with unfamiliar people and environments, I become very loving and playful once we are acquainted. I previously lived in an uncontrolled environment, where I ended up biting a cat and small dog. My first instinct is not to behave aggressively, although in those situations my fear may have gotten the better of me.

My favorite things include long walks, fresh grass, Pill Pockets, and training. I am a fast learner, extremely food-motivated, and eager to please. Some tricks I know are sit, stay, down, and I am currently working on “leave it” and “focus.”

I require a household without any other dogs, cats, or small children. I need an owner who can provide a predictable environment and guidance, continue my training, and set up me up for success, which may mean avoiding or preparing for new situations.

I am currently very good at focusing on my handler in the face of distractions (especially when there are treats!), like when we go to the park with other people and dogs present.

It may take me a while to come out of my shell, but you will see that I am a goofy, motivated dog who will make a great buddy for the outdoors.

Please email at for any questions or inquiries. I am happy to provide training resources.




Hi!  My name is Aspen and my Mom rescued me from the Humane Society in Colorado 5 years ago. When my Mom moved me to Portland 3+ years ago, the city noises and apartment living triggered some deeply rooted fear and anxiety.  I’m an incredibly loving and lovable dog in the right circumstances.  I love my mom to pieces and all of her amazing girlfriends, and my female dog sitters and they love me back.   I have a great community of people who love me, but unfortunately none of them can take me full time.   I even have a few dog friends that I pal around with.   
I have so much love to give and am extremely affectionate with the people that I love and trust.   However,  I’m very fearful of men, strangers, and little dogs.   I’ve been in one too many situations ( 4 to be exact) that involved me biting men and bitting a small dog.  I didn’t want to, because I want to be good, but my fear and anxiety got the better of me and I had enough freedom to do it.   
Since the first incident, my Mom has taken me to Synergy Behavior Specialists and has put me on anti-anxiety medication.  I tried Fluxotine and another medication that made me shake & cower under the desk and didn’t improve my behavior or anxiety.   I also went to a 3 week training camp at Sit Mean Sit, so I am professionally trained and know ALL of my commands and am very well behaved.   
The best environment for me would be someone who knows all of my faults and is willing to work continue to work to rehabilitate me and keep me in safe situations.  I know I can be a better dog with consistent training and reinforcement.    I would not be suitable for a home with cats, small dogs, or children.  I can be OK around some men, but would be better paired with a woman.  I have an electronic training collar, have been fully vaccinated, spayed, and micro chipped.  I am otherwise a very healthy 45 lb dog and love to hike and exercise.   My mom has worked with me for 3+ years, and is very tired and looking to find me a new loving home ASAP.   My email or call her: or 720.839.7404.  Thank you! 



Hi! I’m Jordan, and sadly I am looking for a new home for my dog Ella, a Boxer/Pitbull/Old English Bulldog mix. I adopted her in May; she is around two years old and is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, house trained, and crate trained. She is very smart and food motivated, and has learned basic commands like sit, touch (to hand), shake, off, and down (lie down) quickly. She’s made a lot of progress on stay, leave it/that’s enough, drop it, and come too. We’ve done 1:1 training with Sit Stay Fit in Portland.

Ella is very sweet and loving and, despite her 50 pounds, will jump right in my lap to cuddle. She’s usually very mellow inside the house and will relax with me on the couch or while I work. She’s been safe with all kids and adults and does fine in a large group of them. Occasionally she’ll jump up and play too rough (almost as if she thinks she’s playing with a dog), at which point I turn away or spray her in the face with a water bottle to shake her out of it.

The main reason I need to rehome Ella is because she has a strong prey drive for small animals and, after a lot of effort, is not safe with my two cats. She’s also quite leash reactive to other dogs, though we’ve worked a lot on this in training and she’s definitely improving. Interestingly, she’s almost always fine when she actually meets dogs.

On that note, Ella is very playful and has a lot of energy outside. We’ve done one evaluation at Doggy Business for daycare and she had a blast playing with about 5 other dogs. She also regularly plays with our neighbor’s dog and loves it. She also likes to play with me and other humans. Using training treats, I’ve made a lot of progress on the drop it part of fetch with Tuffy toys and Kong rubber balls (she loves squeakers); she loves playing keepaway and tug of war too.

Ella would be happiest in a home with at least a fenced yard, or even more space to run around (like a more rural setting). I think she could actually do really well living with another dog, but they’d of course need to meet first to make sure. I would not recommend cats or other small animals. She needs a loving home, consistency, and the opportunity to exercise and play/socialize more with other dogs. She’s so loving and eager to please and I think could make a fantastic addition to your home!

Please contact me at or 415-519-6463 if you’d like more information. Thank you!



Greetings! We are looking for a new home for our dog Jester. We adopted Jester last May and he is under two years old. Jester is a German Shepherd mix that is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, is microchipped, house trained and crate trained. Jester is a very smart dog and learns most commands rapidly. He has passed basic obedience training at Doggy Business ( in NE Portland) and is currently enrolled in training at Synergy Behavior Solutions. 
Jester knows basic commands like sit, stay, down, and roll over, leave it and has been trained to walk on leash with an Easy Walk. Jester is learning how to be comfortable with a Halti lead.  
Jester loves his chew toys, especially ropes that have been threaded through hollow horn, but he also enjoys big, rugged toys that have squeakers.  He is learning fetch and lives to bounce tennis ball sized balls.
Jester enjoys being with his human family and is content to hang out with us wherever we are in the house. Jester especially relishes the chance be on the couch with one of us and is always keen on getting his ears rubbed or his tummy scratched.
After about a month, it appeared to us that Jester often seemed anxious and that was confirmed by the staff at Synergy Behavior Solutions, who started him on a daily dosing of Fluoxetine about four weeks ago. The meds seem to have tempered his anxiety, along with training techniques we’ve learned from Synergy.
It also became evident that Jester doesn’t always get along with our other dogs. Initially all the dogs seemed to get along but as time went on he became reactive with two of the other three dogs. Thus, we have concluded that Jester needs a home where he is the only dog, and has access to a fenced yard,a daily walk or two and play time with his family. If you would like more information about Jester, please contact Colleen or Bryan at 971-645-8552 or 971-645-8587, respectively. Thank you!
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Skeeter is an 11 pound terrier/Chihuahua, adorable playful 4 year old “puppy”.  He is looking for his forever home to provide socialization, training and outlets for his youthful energy.  He would greatly benefit from training classes to stimulate his great intelligence.  While he is full of energy he is also quite affectionate and likes to curl up on a lap under a blanket.  He requires a human who will be patient and attentive.  Good with grade school or older kids.  A fenced yard is a must to accommodate his love of running and playing.  He is used to long walks, and does well on a leash.  He is good with other dogs who like to play, but is quite shy and timid when meeting new humans.  He is a rescue dog that deserves to find a loving forever home.  Skeeter is neutered, micro chipped and up to date on all vaccinations.  For more information email or call 971-506-0244 and leave a message.



We’re looking to find a new home for our 1.5 year old Shepherd mix. He’s a sweet guy that loves being near his family and curling up on laps at the end of a long day, but he’s not getting along well with our older dog or getting all of the attention he needs from us, so we’ve decided to try and find a better new home for him.

He’s about 45 pounds, neutered, and fully up to date on vaccinations, including rabies. He is house trained, crate trained, and responds very well to clicker training (he has the characteristic intelligence and ability to focus of a McNab and is very food motivated). We can provide his vet records, dog crate, leash/harness/gentle lead, and several days of his current food upon adoption.

We believe the right home for him is one where he is the only pet and will receive lots of physical and mental stimulation. He would do great with a job (maybe even as hunting partner), but is also happy chasing balls and sticks in a fenced in yard or going on runs and hikes. We’re happy to answer any questions about his personality and temperament or set up a meet and greet as our primary motivation is finding him the right home for him, not finding one as soon as possible.

Contact Patrick at or (971)409-8998 if you are interested in meeting Artu or have any questions.




Meet Betty. She is one and a half years old. Betty is an amazing runner and loves to chase balls and bring them back right away! A perfect day for Betty includes chasing the ball at the soccer field, running around 1000 acres chasing sticks, and working intently on tricks and training. She is extremely intelligent and loves to learn, definitely a working dog! Betty prefers not to be left home alone all day or to share a home with kitties or children. She can be somewhat reactive with new people when on a leash so she needs a family that is willing to work with her and train her. She is on the search for a new home that is compassionate, patient, and understanding of a pup who can be scared and anxious but is highly intelligent. Betty has also gone through training with Sit Means Sit and they would like to help with this transition. Sit Means Sit is offering free one on one lessons and lifetime group classes to help Betty find the perfect home.

If you think Betty might be a great match for you please email or call 415-613-6266



Ginger is an amazingly loving, attentive and smart pit bull mix 2 year old.  She is spayed and current on vaccines, is fully house trained and crate trained.  She eats a grain free diet.  She weighs 57 pounds and is orange and white. She is very attentive to commands.  Ginger has lived on our farm for the past 18 months, spending the day chasing rabbits and squirrels from our crops, she will run full speed and jump like a kangaroo to find them in the tall grass!  She will also dig for voles and moles if we show her the hole.  She has also chased off deer many times.  She is great at guarding our chickens from predators too.  Loves to chase sticks and balls in her off duty time.  The more challenges she is given in a day, the more satisfied she is.  She knows “sit, stay, wait, go, go home, off, lay down, no, kennel, ok” and some hand signals as well.

Unfortunately lately Ginger has decided that she wants to be the only female dog on the farm and has taken to attacking our 35 pound Australian Kelpie.  We are told that female pit bulls at social maturity (1-1/2-2 y/o) want to be the only female dog in the house.  She is great with our little deaf pug though as I assume she does not see the pug as a threat – so she may be ok with another very small dog in your house but we don’t know.   Ginger also has been ok with our farm manager’s dog, a female pit/mix, but since she only visits occasionally Ginger probably doesn’t see that dog as a threat. 

When we adopted Ginger we did have a trainer for 8 weeks work with her on leash and calming her fears, but since that tie she has only been on a leash when she goes to the vet so she may be a little rusty with the leash commands, but she learns quick. 

She is generally great with other dogs and people that come and visit, after a short period of barking and some hackle raising.  She does bark at strangers or cars coming down the driveway but we are able to calm her off people and cars with commands and a sound collar which she took to very quickly.  Otherwise she doesn’t bark a lot. 

Ginger is very smart, and knows well how to give those ‘poor me’ looks that melt your heart so that you will give her a big hug and tell her its ok.  Ginger LOVES to sleep in the sun during the day!

She likes to sleep with her people whenever possible (I’m told that this may not be the best idea as it allows her ‘dominance’ in the pack).  She will also sleep on a dog bed or in a kennel willingly.  We love her as a family member, this is so difficult for us and will really miss her but realize that the current situation can not continue.  We have been told by a pit trainer that two female dogs in a household is one of the hardest things to train a female pit bull to tolerate.  

We will provide leashes, toys, etc.  Thanks!

For information contact Joanna at



Riley is a sweet lovable black lab mix and has been an amazing companion and part of our family for the past 10 years 

Unfortunately Riley is used to being our “only child” and is growling at my crawling 1-year-old. I have been keeping her in a separate part of the house from the baby with baby gates. She is a very social, cuddly dog that loves being with people, so she is miserable. I need to find her a home where she can get the loving attention she deserves. 

Riley is 11 years old. She’s in good health, up to date on her vaccines, spayed and microchipped.

She enjoys just hanging out in the same room as her people and will follow us from room to room just to lay near us. She also enjoys cuddling up on the floor. She’s not allowed on our furniture, but I’m sure she would relish cuddles on the couch. She will act very excitable upon meeting a new person, but is super mellow all other times at home. 

Riley is well trained and knows the following voice commands: heal, sit, stay, lay down, go to your bed/crate, wait, ok (release), here, roll over, and off. She’ll also sit and lay down to hand signals. She’s pretty intelligent and easy to communicate with.

She does not care for other dogs. She will just ignore them, but will react if a dog comes up to her. In the past she’s played at dog parks, and dog daycare, but she was bitten by a small dog on her belly and became fearful of dogs after that.

Riley has eaten Blue Buffalo almost her whole life, and is currently on the duck formula for a shiny coat, but we’ve fed her other foods too, and she will eat/ does well on any food. Riley loves crunchy vegetables of all types, and is a good cooking buddy because she will eat all the vegetable trimmings. 

For being an old dog, she is still very playful and enjoys being outdoors. We have a tree in the yard, and she will run around and around it. She likes catching frisbee and ball. She’s not so great at fetch unless there are two balls on rotation. She also loves the hide-a-treat toys. 

If you are interested in meeting Riley I can be reached at or 323-371-2479. To ensure Riley’s well being we want to do a home check visit and are requesting an adoption fee of $100



He’s a 2 year old ABCA Border Collie looking for a home. His new home must be able provide several hours of exercise and/or stimulation, every day, not just on weekends. He’s an ideal pup for someone interested in agility, flyball, herding, etc.. He is well socialized with both humans and other dogs. He is fully house trained and crate trained. He is neutered and current on vaccines. He is easily frightened in hectic/loud environments, like busy roads. When he is under stimulated he shows signs of anxiety, such as chasing shadows, pacing, and destructive chewing. Please text/call/email (513)720-6666



My name is Eva. I will be 3 years old in a few months and have developed some fun and awesome skills over the past 9 months. I like to play ball and bring it back every time. I have a gentle mouth and will give up then all when we are done playing. I went to some obedience training and learned fun skills I like to use when I am excited or just want to work with my humans. Did I mention I love my humans?  I enjoy getting petter all over my body and especially like to have my head and ears scratched. I am crate trained so I have my special place to go when my people are gone. I like to chew bones and really good in the house. I like to sleep on my bed on the floor next to my people as well. 
I am looking for a great home where I will be the only dog and not have any cats to contend with. They just freak me out. I need to be cautiously introduced to new dogs as my priority is to keep the family safe from intruders. I do really enjoy meeting new people and have great manners so there is no jumping. 
A small adoption fee will be required and go to Family Dogs New Life as a donation 🙂
Please come meet me and you can see for yourself what an awesome dog and family member I can be! 
 If interested please contact Marla Santino at 503-522-5453


Hello! I have a sweet, handsome, affectionate, and super smart puppy dog named Boone in need of a new home. He is roughly two years old, and 60 lbs. 

Boone is incredibly quiet, calm, and affectionate; but outdoors, he can be leash reactive towards other dogs. Additionally, he has had a few seizures (which our veterinarian and I believe to be stress/anxiety related). As a result, he may require special attention and extra care; but he more than makes up for it with his long list of wonderful qualities below:  

          He knows what he is and is not supposed to chew on and/or eat

          He does not get into trouble when left at home alone

          He is potty trained

          He knows: sit, stay, wait, touch, leave it, come, down, shake, off, and more!

          He is incredibly cuddly and sweet

          He is quiet, protective, and loyal

          He is current on all vaccinations, with veterinary records, and he is neutered

I hope very much to find a home for Boone where he is loved and can thrive; to ensure this, I will ask for references and a small adoption fee. 

Please write if you are interested in meeting Boone.




Iko is a long and lanky 2.5 year old, 90-pound, Shephard who would love to be a lap dog.  While cuddling wherever he’s allowed is a favorite activity, he is also a bundle of energy and needs a home where he can expend the energy regularly.

A home where he is alone is not the place for him – he needs love, attention, and lots of exercise to achieve his full potential.  Iko is good with people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents, though he is sometimes not fully aware of how large he is.  He is also good with other dogs and would likely fit well in a home with another dog.  However, he is not good with cats and cannot live with them.

A fenced back-yard is a must for Iko as he longs to explore.  He will also need multiple walks and/or runs a day to burn off his energy.  Meeting other dogs is probably the only activity he prefers more than attempting to be a lap dog…  If he sees another dog, he wants to meet it and become best friends.  He has had excellent reports from his boarder for interactions with other dogs, all his play dates with other dogs (in fenced back yards) have gone well, and he is currently in a foster home with two smaller dogs.

Iko walks fairly well on a leash, but does become distracted when he sees other animals. He is food motivated and does respond well to treats and can be re-directed to the walking task at hand.

Iko suffers from a bit of separation anxiety and so he has been crate trained.  He is used to taking meals in his crate and staying in it when home alone. 

He has been neutered, had regular vet appointments and his shots are all up to date.  He does have one long term health issue – the radius and ulna on his front left leg are reversed in length so the leg is a bit wonky.  It currently gives him no mobility issues, but there could be issues as he ages.

We don’t want to see Iko go, because he is such a loveable lug, but we know that he can be a happier dog in the right situation where he can get more attention and exercise than two full-time working parents of a toddler can provide. 

If you are interested in meeting Iko, please contact Paula at 503-803-3800



Name: Corona
Age: 8
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 7lbs

Reason: Corona’s Chihuahua like attitude is no match for small children. When we feels threatened by kids he will bite. He is a good dog, potty trained, and will “sit” for a treat. He loves to play with small dog toys and loves all attention on him. He is also crate trained (he would rather sleep in a crate). Corona is neutered, up to date on his shots and all around healthy.

For more information on Corona please email Cassie at


Penny + Julio

Looking for a new home for Julio and Penny with loving new parents. They are 2 small dogs that must be adopted together.

They need a house with a fence, space to run, a doggy door and have tons of love and attention. Both suffer from separation anxiety and so they need companionship all day or to be taken to most places. Or since they can’t be at home alone, we’ve crated them for short amount of times or taken them everywhere with us. They enjoy cuddling on the couch. They love sleeping in their doggy beds. Both are friendly lap dogs. Both dogs are fixed and up to date with vaccines. Julio 10 yrs old, 13lbs, chihuahua mix is afraid of Male Humans, but once he gets used to a Male figure in his life he warms up and is lovable. In a few minutes he will warm up. Julio doesn’t like squirrels, delivery people, cats and skate boarders. Penny 12 yrs old, 12lbs, Mini Pincher is very friendly, sweet girl, love to kiss, she gets along with everyone and everything. Penny can chew on shoes or anything rubbery if not supervised. She also loves to dumpster dive. Both are great car passengers BTW.

The perfect home for them is a home with older kids that are gentle. A home that’s mature and preferably quiet. A home with people that are around to give them tons of undivided attention. Maybe they work from home. A home where people are not away for too long at work/travel. A home with no cats. Both get along with other dogs, but they should have a meet and greet first. They enjoy the dog park and 3 walks daily, and have use of a doggy door.

They’ve had such a spoiled life with us and want them to continue to have that life but due to our work schedules changes/new jobs/longer commutes we’ve decided that it’s best they go to a new home where they will have a much better life. My partner used to be able to come home during lunch break and take them out for a walk but now he is unable to. We feel that due to this change we aren’t able to be dedicated owners and give them the attention needed. Rather than having them spend their days crated hours a day or with dog walkers or in daycare we want them to be in a home with their owners around.

We want what’s best for them so we plan to do interviews screenings and in home visits. We are asking a $200 fee and we will donate to a local pet shelter. If you are interested in meeting them, please contact us. Serious inquiries only. Located in the Metro PDX area.

Call Aaron 503 320 2257 



Hello, Meet Ruger. Ruger is a half black lab half Rottweiler and a great dog! Ruger is 11 months and will be one on June 11th 2017. He weighs about 90 pounds (big lap dog) and is up to date on all vaccines and has been neutered.

Ruger does well on a leash but could do better and does bark at passerby especially bikes. He is fully potty trained and knows sit and lay down for a treat. He is quite vocal when people walk by the house and very protective. He has been around other dogs half his size or bigger and does great though he has lots of energy and sometimes annoys them. He also does well with cats though he can play a little rough but has never hurt our two cats.

We have had Ruger since 7 weeks old and are sad to have to re home him but recently he has become too rough and even a bit nippy when our two children anger him. Due to this and the fact that we always have children in and out of our home it is best we find him a home with no young children or even an active couple with no kids.

Ruger is a great dog and I feel that with the right fit he will live a long great life and be someone’s best friend. He is still very trainable.

To ensure he goes to a good home there will be small rehoming fee.

Please contact Brittney at 503-709-6187 or Travis at 503-705-8012 for and further questions.

Thank you for taking the team to read about Ruger!




Don’t let his Cajun name scare you, he is a very loving 8 year old lab/shepherd mix, 70 pounds of cuddles. Boudreaux is neutered, house trained, chipped, and up to date on his shots. He is great with other dogs, cats and children. He is just not great on his own. Boudreaux suffers from severe separation anxiety and needs a full time pack. Everyone at the doggie day care place loves “Boody” and does not want to see him go. Unfortunately, he cannot be left alone to roam free in the house/garage and he cannot be left alone in a yard (he can climb a chain link fence – a trick he learned watching the cat). He has even chewed a metal kennel in order to bend the bars to escape. I tried many things over the years to keep him safe while at work to no avail. The kennel was my last chance and seemed to work for a while until a rather noisy day (JBLM’s artillery) when I came home to find him out of the kennel, mouth bleeding, and the wooden molding around the front door demolished. He would do best in a home with lots of folks and other animals to provide around the clock presence. Boudreaux is a gentle, smart, and loyal dog and as much as it hurts us, I can no longer be selfish and must find the right place for him. He loves road trips and makes a great navigator. He will play fetch and loves his toys. If you have the love and full time pack to share with this wonderful creature give me a call, Melanie, at 253-988-0722. I live in Olympia, WA but am willing to travel to Portland area. I prefer to meet you at your home so I can make sure it will be a fit for both of you.




I need a new home with some who will take me for walks. I am very energetic, but mostly I just want to hang around you on my dog bed. I am spayed, no health issues, house trained, and get along well with people and cats. I get along with small dogs, but when I get excited I may nip at them if left alone too long. Ideally, I would be your only dog. I love to go to the park and run and play with other dogs.
I like to spin and bounce when you come home, and I respond to many words. I may whine to greet people when they come over because I love visitors. I may bark when you leave me at home because I love you so much.
Please call John at 971-325-2100 for more information.



My name is Kobe and I am a 5 year old German Shepherd Husky Mix. I am up to date with all my vaccinations, neutered, house trained and get along well with adults, children and cats. I do not get along with other dogs though so need to absolutely go to a home without other dogs and cannot be allowed to go to dog parks.  I am a very sweet, mellow and loyal pup.  Please call Lori 503-885-0840 for more information.

Koda & Bess

KODA is an Alaskan Malamute, he will turn 6-years-old on 5/20/17; he is about 120 lbs heavy, and he is neutered and up to date on vaccinations (I can provide the proof).
BESS is Koda’s sister; Alaskan Malamute, will also be 6-years, she is about 90 lbs heavy, spayed, up to date on vaccination (proof available).
Both are very loving with people, small and big. They are not friendly to other dogs or cats, especially if they are together. They have never been separated, and if a loving home was found that would take them both, that would be ideal.
For more information on them please contact Amra Biberic at



Hello fellow bleeding hearts!!
I’m looking for an emergency foster placement or forever home for Matilda, a 30lbs black lab/ whippet mix type girl.   She’s solid black with gold eyes,  well cared for,  7yo spayed female, vaccinated, microchipped.   No health issues.
This is time sensitive.  She jumped her short fence and bit a neighbor’s dog while her owners were out of town and can not stay at her home.   She is an insecure girl and unpredictable with other dogs.   Ideally she’d be an only pup, but with someone with strong dog behavior skills and the right dogs she could fit nicely with a pack.
Tilly is very sweet,  snuggly and very well mannered in the house.  She does well lounging on the couch and staying low key or would make an athletic jogging or hiking partner, well mannered on leash.    She gets along well with one of my dogs and loves to play,  but my current foster pup prevents me from taking her.   Any help would be SO appreciated!!!  This is a very lovely dog and will thrive in the right home.


Palo is about 3 yrs old and about 11 lbs. He is a nervous little guy and is on meds to help with that this is a child driven fear and will probably not need them once he is in a quite/calmer home.
When he has a break from the kids he is snugly and super sweet.
He is good with other dogs and ok with cats.
Not reliably good with little kids (very fearful of them) he has a very limited tolerance for them and should be supervised
He is currently not good getting his leash on (fearful) but are continuing work on it. Once on leash he is great on walks.
He loves to run around a fenced yard and is great at chasing squirrels. Loves to sleep under the blankets.
He is fixed and up to date with vaccines.
Would do best in a house with older or no kids and a fenced yard to play in.
Please contact Sara


My name is Murphy…like Murphy Brown? I came to Portland by way of Maui.  Not a huge fan of the rain, but truly love the squirrels!  I love my new person because I’m a friendly girl who loves all people. Also, she lets me run around the park off my leash almost every day, and hides Kong toys with treats inside around the house for me to find. She says she loves me because I’m so adorable. And I’m the perfect city-dog-meets-country-dog size, and a super clean and well-mannered lady in the house. I dunno…maybe its because I don’t always get along with other dogs? Or maybe its because of that one time I peed in the basement when it was SO cold outside? All I know is, she leaves me every single day and I’m MISERABLE until she comes home. I’m not talking about a trip to the grocery store or an evening on the town, that would be fine.  But she is gone ALL DAY! I have some lovely friends who take me for a walk around lunch time, but its not enough. And I’m working on crate training, but I don’t see how that will help. I don’t bark or destroy things when she’s gone, I just shiver and refuse to eat.  But there have been a couple times when the stress built up…and I threw myself through a glass window.  She says she is amazed that thirty pounds of adorableness like myself could shatter glass, but I just REALLY hate to be left behind! She says I need a place where I can live with people who stick around all day, but still want to take me to the dog park pretty often.  Maybe they will even have some school age or older kids to take care of my belly-rubbing needs. Well, that all sounds pretty good so I’m keeping my paws crossed!

To inquire about Murphy please email




James found himself in an untenable situation about 2 years ago. A dog with severe hyper-reactivity, he was taken in by someone who gave him what he badly needed. A second chance. James has received the best of care, that care being intensive training and intensive medical therapy to help in combating the worst of his challenges. 

He finds himself in another situation now, facing another challenge. His owner has had a catastrophic, life-changing injury, that will prevent her from caring for James in the way that she has in the past. He needs a new home. But not just any home. He needs understanding, patience, and commitment from someone with a big heart to share with him. Please consider if you, or someone you know, has the capacity to take on this huge, but rewarding, responsibility. The alternative is not one we want to think about. 

Here’s a little information about James: He is a 2 1/2 year-old, 50 lb, Heeler/Pitty mix.
Here’s a little information about hyper-reactive dogs. More information can be provided if desired.

Contact Lisa Johnson for more information about James. Please hurry. Every day is of the utmost importance. 310-913-2055, or

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Hello, I have a wonderful boy ready for his new home. Meet Delorian!!!
Delorian was a rescue pup surrendered by the owner due to a family crisis and his skin allergies the owner was unable to control. I work at a vet clinic and took him in to get his skin back to health and give him a chance at a new start. He is back to a healthy shiny coat and has stolen my heart. Being a foster mom isn’t easy, but he’s meant to move on to steal someone else’s heart.
He is an approximately 5 year old playful, snuggly, intimate fellow. He does require a single dog home as he is unpredictable with other dogs at meal times. He’s been good with humans, children, cats, dogs on hikes, chickens, horses, goats.
He’s an athletic guy who is always down for an adventure or a relaxing day on the couch. He’s great on a leash and loves to swim or hike in the woods.
He will require a willingness to work with a veterinarian to maintain his skin allergies and a strict prescription diet. He can be strong headed and there is a high likelihood he has pitbull in him, so someone experienced with that breed is preferred. He may also be part catahoula leopard dog suspect by his gorgeous coloration. He’s only 60ish lbs, but displays some lovely Great Dane traits.
He’s neutered. Microchipped and vaccinated. Rehoming fee does apply to ensure new owner’s willingness to invest in this special guy and to help some of the expenses of Foster care.
Please contact his Foster mom for a meet and greet.
This is one special boy!
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Name: MOSES aka “MoMo”
Sex: Neutered Male
Breed: Siberian Husky
Coloring: Red/Auburn
Age: DOB—11/2007
Weight: 80+ lbs.
Reason for Re-Homing: I had to move for work and can no longer accommodate him. I really wish I could, but it’s best for him that I find him a better home.
1.       Crate Trained. Moses has received extensive trainings to learn “heel, wait, down, sit”- and during these trainings he was also crate trained. Although we do not crate him often at all, it’s on his resume J. I would be happy to see about arranging a walk-thru training “show” with his former obedience trainer, Cheryl for SERIOUS candidates.
2.       Food Motivated. Being that huskies have a reputation for not listening, we taught him the words “cookie” and “dinner” right away. We will often use the words as motivation for him to listen when we want him to do something. However, sometimes he doesn’t care how many “cookies” you have, he will do what he wants and you have to wait or find another way to manipulate him into doing what you want him to.
3.       Not Aggressive Toward People. Moses isn’t much of a guard dog, as he is very friendly with people. The older he gets, it seems the friendlier he becomes. He loves to give “kisses” and would not be aggressive toward children. He doesn’t jump up at all unless he hasn’t seen you in days and is very excited to see you. On a daily basis, we never experience problems with jumping.
4.       Not Your Typical “Noisy” Husky. Unless Moses is barking at someone threatening his home, or expressing his excitement for an upcoming walk, he is really very quiet for a husky. He will get super whiny and howl when he sees my brother for the first time in months, but on a regular basis, he is quiet (there may be a little noise at dinner time).
5.       Micro-Chipped.
6.       Vaccinations Up-to-date.
7.       No Health Concerns.
8.       Requires entirely FENCED yard with room to roam.
9.       Knows Commands: Sit, Wait, Stay, Cookie, Dinner, Off.
10.   Eats “Grain Free”.
11.   Afraid of Gunshots and Fireworks!!! I am always very mindful of this come holidays like the 4th of July or New Year’s. Moses is fine if he’s in the living room watching TV during these times, he just doesn’t like to be left alone when there are loud noises like this going off in the area.
 Know the BREED…If you have not had experience with a husky in the past, please educate yourself on their needs as this is not an easy breed to manage. I want the very best for Moses, which in part means that the family I join him with is educated, prepared and realistic in their expectations.
I love Moses SO much and it pains me to even have to draft this notice. At the same time, I care for him so much that I believe finding him a new home is really the best thing to do. Work has already moved me away from the home where Moses is, and I am no longer able to give Moses what he needs in a home or owner. Because of my love for him, I will be plan to play a very active role in the re-homing of this dog—so be prepared to answer questions and please be flexible. I want the very best for him and I need to be able to trust whoever I choose to place him with. I will require that I see the home in which he will be living, and will not blindly hand him over to anyone. I want to make absolute certain that he finds a forever-home.
 Please let me know if you have ANY questions regarding Moses. You can call Emily at 503-349-7397


Sadly we have to find a new home for our two year old female dog, Casey.  She is up to date on all immunizations and spayed.  She house trained and kennel trained and usually very quiet while in her kennel.  She can sit, lay down, go to her spot, go to kennel,  wait at the door, and wait for her food.  She does well with these commands with consistency.  She is high energy and need to be walked or ran daily.   She has a good balance of energy and the ability to relax and chill when her excersie needs are meet.  She has been through basic dog obedience and we have worked with a personal trainer.   She has some issues that should be able to be corrected with continued training,  as she is very smart and has made tremendous progress in the year we have had her.  She responds well to possitive training.  She should go to an adult only home and should be the only animal.  She does good with dogs at doggie daycare and while kenneled,  but is protective of her family once she is attached.   She is NOT good with cats.  We are hopong to find  someone who will love her as much as we have.  Please contact me for more information.    Thank you!

If interested in Casey please contact Valerie at:




Name: Fonzie
Age: Soon to be 7 in January
Breed:  Lab/Pit Mix Mutt 🙂

Needs:  Home without small children.  Older kids are OK.  Needs a fenced yard or land, because he is not the best on a leash and becomes protective if a large dog is around.

He is so loving and has been with my small dog the past 6 years and has been wonderful with her.  He has some food issues, but as long as he is fed outside alone, then he happily eats and come backs inside just fine.  He is crate trained, micro chipped, fixed, and up on all shots.

If interested in Fonzie please contact Andrea at: 503.819.1367 or

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Annie Oakley

Her name is Annie Oakley. She’s a 2 1/2 year old pitbull mix. She’s about 60 pounds and is fairly small and short for her breed. She is fixed. She’s an absolute sweet heart and just needs a lot of love and attention! She was rescued from a dog fighting ring in Los Angeles where she was going to be used as a bait dog on July 4th of 2015. She is my emotional support animal. She’s 100% person friendly, even with kids. She’s also cat friendly. She has some issues with other dogs but those behaviors just recently developed and I know she’s absolutely trainable and very smart. She’s a huge cuddle bug but also has lots of energy and loves to play. She needs a good loving home with people that can dedicate time and patience with rehabilitating her and giving her the love she needs! I was just a young naive kid that fell in love at a dog shelter and thought I absolutely needed Annie in my life but realized I cannot give her what she needs. I work full time and have a small apartment so it’s not fair to her. Annie Oakley has so much love to give! Please email me at if you’re interested in her or if you have any questions, and thank you!




Tyler and I met about 10.5 years ago in Maryland when he was just 6 months old. He was the cutest lil pup in a crazy pack of dogs that lived outside. I was told the people I got him from were running a rescue but I later realized it wasn’t an ideal situation for those pups (nor was it truly a rescue). They were of various ages, breeds, colors and temperaments. I found one of the shyest guys and just felt like I wanted to give him a home. I wanted to make him warm, well fed and brave. I have spent almost 10 years trying to do that. There have been many life changes that Tyler has seen me through and each one a new hurdle for him.

Tyler is all white with black spots. He has an especially adorable black spot on his left eye, a tear drop under his right eye and a heart shaped spot on his butt. His under bite will win just about anyone over despite his horrible doggy breath. Tyler loves to go hiking and walking on trails or the beach. He loves to be the center of attention and will be cuddling with you on the couch (and in bed) if you let him. His signature move is falling asleep while sitting up. Tyler loves head rubs and belly scratches.  When we come home we are greeted with a toy and a wiggly tail.

As I mentioned earlier, Tyler has always been timid since I brought him into my home. He lacked any socialization prior to meeting me. He warmed up to me mostly when it was dark outside and he felt safe. Now he has mellowed out more but is still nervous in certain situations. He is medicated to help ease some of his worries. He likes to play guard dog but will scale it down with some gentle redirection. He will walk on a leash but is hesitant when he starts out on a walk. As soon as he is in nature his tail pops up and all of  his cares subside.

About a year ago we had a baby and Tyler has become very uneasy around our now toddler. He is not comfortable in his own home and we are concerned for everyone’s safety.

He hates doorbells, fire works, little kids, puppies and most other dogs. He has a difficult time meeting newcomers in our house and will greet you with concern and a lot of barking. If he senses you’re a dog person he will chill out much quicker.

Tyler is a complex boy with a very big heart. He loves to be near you and sometimes will sit in my lap. He is my fur baby. He deserves a better life. One with low stress that’s filled with love, patience and a soft touch.

Please email Sarah at for more information.




His name is Goofy he’s 6 years old black half great Dane and Labrador. He was from the Oregon humane Society. He’s up to date on his shots. He is neutered. The reason why we can’t have him is because we live in a two bedroom apartment and our manager dies not allow dogs over 20 pounds.. We helped a friend out while they were moving and then we never heard back from them. He is nice with other animals after he gets to know them. He’s sweet but has a little anxiety when left alone. We would work with him but our apartment managers will not allow him to stay let alone we are a family with no income at the moment.

Please contact: for more information




Some people call me one eyed Jack because a long time ago I was hit by a car and lost one of my eyes. I can still see really good and get around just fine. I am a lazy guy. I like to sleep by the feet of my owners. I don’t really do much except give you lots of love and companionship. My previous dad had to go to assisted living and he couldn’t take me with him. I’m looking for a new family I can be a part of. I look forward to meeting you.
If interested in adopting Jack please contact Chris Lee at 503-449-2311 or


I am looking to re-home a beautiful, well-tempered brindle colored Staffordshire mix. Her name is Blue, and she is a very loveable girl who is loyal to her owners. She knows her basic tricks like sit, stay, off and lay down. She loves to go on long walks/runs and play with her tug rope during the day, and snuggle up to her owners at night. We have all of her vet records through PetSmart, and have a fresh new bag of food treats and toys to send her with. She is up to date on all of her shots and was given a clean bill of health through Banfield. Please call Jessica at (360) 773-5975 if you are interested. I am willing to travel throughout the Portland/Vancouver area to find her a good home as soon as possible.



Bella & Momo

Arfff!  Arfff!

We are Bella and Momo. Bella is my Mom and she’s around 4 human years old, and about 4 lbs.  I’m just a little tidbit.  Maybe I weight 2 lbs and I’m about 2 human years old. My Momma and I are very close.  She is the best Mom in the world and takes super good care of me.  She treats me like I am a princess.I may have some physical limitations but I am happy and vital.  My two back legs don’t work so well, but I think I get around just fine. I hear that my Momma and I are well behaved, good tempered, sweet little Chihuahuas. We need a good home where someone has time and wants to hang out with us and play with us – a human who will take good care of us.

Would you like to meet me and my Momma?  Contact this nice woman below, please:




Connie Lilikoi

Pitbull/Lab Mix
Spayed Female, black and white
Age: 2.5 Weight: 56lbs.
We are looking for a new home for our beloved pitbull mix, Connie Lilikoi. Connie was born in Hawaii in January 2014, so she will be 3 this January. She was found as a stray on the island of Kauai. We adopted her from the Kauai Humane Society when she was 6 months old. She was the only one of the dogs we met that went to greet us, people, as soon as she entered the meeting area. We brought her to Portland with us. She attended a series of basic obedience classes at Petsmart and learned fast. 4 months later we got her a playmate – Simba, who became her best pal. Unfortunately, becoming friends with our 4 cats never worked out and is the main reason we want to rehome Connie. Right now we are forced to keep our cats in a closed room, except for the couple of hours a day when we put Connie in her crate and let the cats roam free in the house. The “cat” room used to be my husband’s office and now he is deprived of it and extremely unhappy. We love our cats and would really prefer to have them roam the house freely as they used to before Connie came aboard. We are also planning to get chickens and with Connie present this is going to be problematic. Connie worked with a dog trainer on several occasions and he got good results reducing her aggressive barking at strangers, but nothing helped with her dog selectiveness and aggression toward dogs she doesn’t like. Ideally, she requires constant rigorous training, something that our family is not able to provide.

She is housebroken, crate trained, knows sit, leave it, off, comes when her name is called. Has medium energy, healthy, up to date on shots, heartworm and flea preventative, nails trimmed regularly Loves her people, always ready to snuggle and play. She is good with some dogs – either just loves them, or lunges at them. Loves her dog sibling – Simba, a Husky/Pom mix Not good with cats & small animals – very high prey drive and best for family with children over 8 years old –  can get overexcited when children play and may nip them Barks at strangers and people she doesn’t like Connie is selectively dog reactive especially on the leash. Can chew toys, shoes, grab food off tables, digs in the yard if not supervised

Please contact Vita at





Carmen Needs A Home!

This lovely dog (I named her Carmen) was dumped in a park near my house. She is desperately in need of a loving, permanent home. Carmen is a wonderful, gentle, young, healthy, playful, well adjusted American Bull Terrier. She learns quickly, gets along really well with other dogs, and has a really cute sense of humor. She is eager to please and a real joy. I am unable to keep her, so I am looking to rehome her as soon as possible. A home with a yard would be the ideal situation for Carmen.

For more information on Adopting Carmen,
call Lisa @ 310-913-2055

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Jasper- Approximately 15 months old. Neutered male, brindle, approximately 65 pounds. Up to date on vaccinations.  Due to instability over the last few months he has started showing barrier and leash reactivity, but I’m confident with a positive experienced handler this can be worked through. Jasper loves people and mostly loves other dogs. Not good w/ under 12 both because he jumps on people and he is nervous around kids.  Good w/ dogs who like to rough house and are tolerant, especially females.  He will respond poorly if another dog reacts strongly to him. He is not good around intact male dogs and will charge them.  He loves to train and knows many basic commands.He has been well socialized to objects and places and loves to cuddle.  He is crate trained, house trained and in general a sweet dog.  I am confident his anxiety will settle and ease once he is in a more stable environment. His world has been very unstable the last 6-9 months
Contact Kayse at


Meet Raven,
She is a beautiful pointer mix, with cattle dog and the smartest dog I have ever owned. I rescued her from a Salem shelter at age 2. She is now 12 and super healthy. We hike and walk whenever we can. She is very social with other dogs and great around other animals. She loves the dog park and to walk, hike and just be part of life. However, she needs to be with someone who can be with her more than I can and would be a great second dog or addition to a family. She never barks without a reason and has been kept indoors all of her life.

The only reason I am looking for a better home for her is that I am widowed living alone and selling my home getting ready to travel abroad.
If you would like to consider meeting her or have questions please contact me.

Don 503-819-7756 or email





Harper is a 6 year old female Pit Bull looking for a loving family to become a part of. She loves walks, playing fetch, kisses and cuddles! Is great with kids! She is fully potty trained and is not destructive when left alone. Harper is dog selective with who she gets along with and should be the only dog in the house. No cats either. Must have fully fenced backyard. She’s a great family dog and can’t wait to join your family!

Please contact Isaiah at (360) 609-8214 if interested.




 Harley is 8 years old. He is a Pit Bull and is tan in color. He loves people and other dogs,
 is extremely friendly. He is housebroken and a big lover. If you want more specific information
 let me know what it is you can reach me at 360-957-3316




  • Koa has lived with other dogs, he is safe and well-mannered if there is no food, the play is off-leash, and not confined where he will not get cornered since he is small. Koa is has snarled to warn a dog that might be pressing his body on him but he is surprisingly very good in pack play, at the dog parks and turns into this little wieney that isn’t so tough anymore.
  • Right now, we moved to an apartment until we get our house which we are buying and moving into in a month-or-so but he has always had an apartment for all of his growing up.
  • Koa knows a lot of commands and words. He responds well to some of them: Sit, Stay, Stop (stop walking when off-leash), Down/No Jump (on legs when we/people come in), Walk, Easy (when giving him food or treat, he will be gentle or even for when he needs to be calm and easy on the walk), Lay Down (with head all the way down too) /All OK (as in proceed), Come, Get Out (out of the kitchen or area), Go in your bed, Go in your cage, Jump!/Up Up, No Barking/Quiet, No bite/No teeth (when he is being too mouth or shows his teeth), Get ____ (run to a certain person whom he knows, or a squirrel, or his favorite, ‘Get the bug’, he will relentlessly catch and kill any bug or insect in sight at this command.
  • Koa can fetch any Frisbee, hard or soft, so long as he feels like it (or ball or any toy, especially if it resembles an animal) He will retrieve it but loosing it from his mouth takes force and a strong pull, he has never learned ‘Let Go’ very well.
    Koa knows what Leash/Walk/Park mean, and when I or my boyfriend leaves and Koa has to stay, he knows it will be a while when we say to him ‘You Have To Stay’ and ‘No bark’ when we leave which seems to work and calm his separation anxiety.
  • I have been training Koa for the last 3-6 months to be off leash at no-fence parks and on trails or paths. He will listen when I say stay, stop, run, come/OK come back. I initially used a 3-setting collar using the beep and vibrate setting when I said ‘Come’ and he didn’t listen and only the shock when he would run to the street or run away. It taught him to listen to my voice and obey immediately. He does not have a problem like he did before with running away but if he were to get out of a fence before knowing it,he will just follow his nose and is not afraid of cars. If/when he would get out I say ‘Koa Stop!’ and he will actually not run away from me like he did before I shock collar-trained him. I no longer need to use the collar.
  • Koa does growl and jump away if you touch his paws, nails, tail, hind legs, and butt.
  • He loves his chest, neck, face, ears, and back rubbed, and scratched. He loves being brushed head-to-tail.
  • Koa growls at outside sounds, especially kids and anyone yelling. And he will certainly bark if he hears a dog and a very funny howl at sirens.
  • Koa hides his resources and is very attached (to me, mostly) and this leopard blanket that he chews/suckles regularly and also humps (haha); I think he definitely did not get enough of his mother or litter as a baby and now has so much anxiousness – or maybe it’s his breeding.
  • Koa knows hoe to ride in a kayak and a bicycle rack (on a blanket and with a leash still secure, Koa did jump out at a guy that approached me and Koa ‘felt’ threatened by, so leash tightly)
  • Koa gets a walk every day and has and food put down at a certain time of day, otherwise he will hide his pieces of food all over the place if I leave it down; I also read not to leave the food down all day.
  • I use a harness or the holy grail Gentle Leader for walks, he has always growled but never bitten when someone outs this on him.
  • Koa is cage trained, yard trained, and apartment trained but he marks like crazzzy on walks/dog parks and when living with dogs or cats.
  • AT home when it’s just him and me working remotely, Koa is very independent but also affectionate, cuddly and sleepy. During the afternoon or evening, he is playful, always wanting to play tug and run or fetch.

If interested in Koa please contact Heidi at 503-409-0328




Street Savvy Dog Rescue, a nonprofit corporation and pending 501(c)3 is in search of a kind, knowledgeable and POSITIVE TRAINING METHOD trainer who is interested in adopting MAX, a 3 year old PROJECT DOG!
Max is approximately 3 years of age, weighs 45-50 lbs, is a handsome black and tan Kelpie!
Max has many good attributes including: he is SUPER RESPONSIVE to training, is crate trained, he’s treat motivated and he gets along well with a cat that he currently lives with. He loves to chase a ball and retrieve it! He is fun and energetic!
Max needs an owner/trainer who is willing to work with him on an ongoing basis with POSITIVE TRAINING METHODS ONLY (no prong collars, E collars, shock collars, citronella spray are allowed or tolerated within our rescue). All empirical evidence points to POSITIVE TRAINING METHODS having the best end result for animal training (just as it is does with people)!
Max needs to wear a muzzle while around others and needs to be the kind of dog that lives at his human’s house and doesn’t go places, just exercises and uses his brain in the house and in the backyard/on property.

He has SO MUCH POTENTIAL and has received basic obedience training, he’s crate trained and he’s VERY treat motivated. He loves learning through the use of FRESH PET wet food or cheese. We worked with him this week on scent training and he was learning it very quickly. Max could be a fantastic dog for that person wanting to give back to the rescue community and to a special dog who needs the love, time and commitment that he so deserves.

If interested contact Barbette cell 503 208 1423
Max’s adoption fee is $50 and includes muzzle and leash. We can even loan you a crate for the next month or so if needed!


Kedah & Tanner

We are looking to place Kedah & Tanner in a new home. Kedah is 8 years old and Tanner is 7 years old and they have been together for the last 7 years.

Kedah is chocolate lab mix and she loves to play with balls, she loves her “baby” ( stuffed animals) she gets a long with children, adults, and other animals, she is very loving, she likes to talk ans she has no allergies.

Tanner is a Pit Bull mix and is a loving dog. We rescued him from an abusive environment. He is good around children and adults. Tanner loves to play ball ( is a ball hog though) and he loves playing with his pull rope. Tanner does have food allergies, fleas, and he does have hip issues, from being hit by a car 3 different times.He is also very loyal and caring. He gets along with big dogs but not little dogs.

I can be reached via email: ( preferred) or 503~209~3757. Thank you…




Pacha is a 2.5 year old pitbull/lab mix. He needs to find him a good home! He is a big and strong pup! His ideal home would be a farm and someone who can be by his side most of the day. He is a good boy with pretty good manors. He’s been trained by Barkbusters and has this for his whole lifetime. He does have the tendency to be a little aggressive. I would not recommend him with other dogs or children. He needs to have lots of love and someone with lots of time to spend with him! He loves to run, hike and go for walks. He needs a new home by this Friday July 22nd.
Contact: Amanda Furbee


This beautiful young pup is Luna! Luna is about 2 years old and weighs about 50 lbs. She is full of kisses and wiggles and cuddles…unless you are a cat or other small animal…then, no!

We adopted Luna from a rescue in CA who, sadly, misinformed us on many of her traits. Most we were able to work with but when she and my other female dogs began to show some competition, we had a hard decision to make 😥. She seems to do ok with other male dogs, though.

She has been great around adults and my 11 year old daughter but I am not sure how she would be around younger kids. I do know that she can play a bit rough so probably best in a home without wee ones. Luna is kennel trained and does really well in her kennel. She is also up to date on all of her vaccinations, is house broken and microchipped.

Luna is very smart and an eager and quick learner.  She has had some training but could use a bit of work in walking with a loose leash.

This “love pup” deserves a home where she can be the center of your attention and she will reward you with her adoration.

Adoption fee is $100 and includes her kennel. If you think you can offer her the loving home she deserves, please contact Amy at




Pele is 5 years old, was finally fixed after six litters of pups. She is UTD on shots. The dog’s owner moved to another state and couldn’t take a dog, and the owner’s mom wound up with her but also is leaving the state and cannot keep her. The mom says she is a wonderful dog, minds and is loving.
If interested in Pele please contact Hope 4 Paws: Grant County number at 541-575-0500
pele bpele a


I recently adopted a male Pitbull (I have his adoption paperwork to prove he is legally mine). His name is Outlaw. He’s a great dog. I’m sad to see him go, but I know he could have a better home.
– loves playing fetch
– knows his commands – sit, lay down, roll over, drop it, get it, wait, jump, shake, high five, come, this way
– very well housebroken
– very sweet and cuddly and loves to give kisses
– good with kids
– in good health
– loves car rides
– can not be around other animals – This is why I am choosing to rehouse him. I was told he grew up on a farm with other dogs and was very dog friendly, but somewhere along the way this has changed. He recently bit my friend’s dog, nothing too serious, but he did attack. I do not have the time, money or resources to give him therapy.
– separation anxiety
– barks at men, not all, but has a hard time trusting them
– can be overwhelmed in busy environments and is nervous
– allergic to corn
– has allergies, but Benadryl helps
General Info:
– about 70lbs
– 6 years old
– neutered
– updated on all his shots
I would like to see Outlaw go to a home where he is THE ONLY animal. I’d like him to live somewhere with enough private land where he can run. Outlaw is a big lovable, handsome goofball. I love him a lot and will not just give him away. While I do not require an adoption fee, I do require to see your home. I will also give you all his toys, food and other dog things. If you would like him to become your loyal best friend, then please feel free to set up a time to meet with him.
*** Please keep in mind that Outlaw will require lots of dedication. He needs patience and work. He isn’t just a normal dog. He has had a “dodgy” past. He has great potential, but only for someone who can put in the effort. ***
You can reach me at (503)789-0247 or


Rocko is only 9 years old and he is still active but also knows when to chill out. He sounds like a perfect buddy! Please help us get the word out about Rocko.

Rocko was abandoned at a vet office when his previous owner brought him in to be euthanized for no other reason than “he was inconvenient.” At 9 years old, though it’s clear he was not socialized with other dogs or many people, he was lucky enough to find a caring foster family. They have been able to show him love and comfort like he has never known. Unfortunately, their household is too busy for Rocko and he just doesn’t know how to act with so much activity. He’s a quiet, sweet, and easy going “young senior”, very treat-motivated and really likes going for walks. He’s content most of the time to be lounging on his bed or sleeping in his crate.

Rocko’s ideal home would be a quiet, single person home with no other animals. He can get along with mellow dogs, but he can be a little jealous. He also likes to bond with one person and can be a little protective. Rocko is a sweet soul who just needs a second chance in an understanding, supportive home.

Rocko is posted for Shadow’s Fund and is fostered in Graham, WA. Please contact for more information or call Moe at 360-901-4730

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Duke & Jett

I want to introduce Duke and Jett to you. Duke, by breed, is a combination Gordon Setter and something else. My wife wanted a large dog for protection when I was away from home. Well, Duke is large, all 105 pounds of him. We adopted him at a rescue facility south of Fresno, California, when he was about 1 year old. He was a handsome guy, full of energy, playful, — and a lousy guard dog. He loves people, including children. He still is handsome, and has developed a sage look about him as he approaches his 10th birthday.

Duke knows a few tricks and commands; he is quite intelligent. At feeding time, he goes to his end of the room and sits. If he does not sit, I simply point a finger at him and – he sits until his food dish is placed on the floor. In non-feeding situations, a softly whispered (nearly inaudible) command to sit is all he needs to sit. When it is time to go outside on the leash, he immediately sits to have the leash attached to  (and taken off from) his collar. He is an easy walk on the leash. We farmed him out to a professional dog trainer for three months after we brought him home to corral some of his energy.

Duke gets along quite well with other dogs. He thinks cats are playthings. We have two housecats. In the beginning, they were intimidated by Duke, and stayed away from him. When Duke was allowed in the living part of the home, we connected him by his 6’ leash to a doorknob. Over time, he and the cats became quite friendly. Both cats would approach him, touch noses with him, rub against him. Ever cautious, I do not let him off the leash when the cats are present. When I put the cats in a bedroom, I remove Duke’s leash and he wanders about the house, checking it out, and then winds up lying on the floor next to where I am sitting or lying, quite peaceful.

So, why am I seeking a home for him? I am 77 years old, and my agility is compromised: bad knees and lower back. Duke needs periodic free exercise, running on the mountain where we live, and I cannot keep up with him. It is all I can do to just walk him two to three times a day “to do his business.”

Duke has a companion, Jett, a beautiful black female dog of unknown (to me) origin. We drove from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC to adopt her about nine years ago. We took Duke with us to check for compatibility (Yes!). She is about a year younger than Duke, and still has lots of energy. Jett likes people, including kids. She also is very intelligent, and responds to commands much as Duke does. One major difference with Duke: she is not cat-friendly! She is fine off-leash in the home when the cats are in a bedroom. If I am at my desk, she often comes to me, and I know she is there when she gives me a gentle lick on my forearm. She has a very sweet disposition.

She, too, needs to run the mountain. She is a bit more free-ranging than is Duke, but she always comes back, especially when she knows I have a bit of dog bone for her. If she is off foraging somewhere when I am ready to take the dogs back home, she usually will come when called. If not, I drive Duke home, then back to the quarry, and she will be sitting there, waiting for me.

Neither Duke nor Jett have much in the way of street sense. They just like to run. On those occasions when the manage to get loose from the house or yard (my carelessness), they at least know where they live, and will appear on the porch or in the carport.

Both dogs are in good health. Duke had one major problem in 2015. As old as he was becoming and as large as he is, we thought he had arthritis. When we took him to the vet, she found no evidence of arthritis. Instead, she found that Duke had a tumor in his spleen, and it needed to be removed immediately, lest it burst. She removed the tumor – it weighed 14 pounds (same as my last Thanksgiving turkey!). He has fully recovered, and has regained much of his old energy.

Jet has had two major problems over the years. When she was about 3 years old, she began losing much of her fur and a lot of weight. The vet was not sure of the cause, but put her on prednisone and an antibiotic, and she fully recovered her beautiful self.

The second problem Jett had (in 2015) was what I always feared when she managed to get free and run off. Her lack of street sense and her dislike of cars did her in. I could not find her with the car, so I returned home. Soon thereafter, she appeared – and attacked a passing car. She lost. She was lying on the pavement, then dragged herself to the side of the road. I was not sure whether she was alive. She was, and appeared to have an injury to her left hip. She lay still. Even when we picked her up (she weighs 65 pounds) to place her on a blanket in order to put her in the car, she did not whimper, yelp, or attempt to bite anyone. The vet determined that she had no broken bones, gave her some meds, and sent her home, where she eventually recovered.

Otherwise, both dogs always have been in excellent health. They never have had to have their teeth brushed.

I want to find a caring, loving home for Duke and Jett. My first preference is a home in a rural setting where they have the opportunity to run free and without the fear of a nearby street or highway. This need not be continuous freedom; a well-fenced large yard would do fine between runs.

I understand that such a placement for both of them together is a stretch, especially if there are cats in the picture. (It can be do-able, as I found, but still….) A second choice would be to find a home for each of them, alone (and with the same need for space to run and be safe from cars). Jett is in more need, still, of being able to run off some energy, more so than is Duke. Duke has become a laid back, easy going, dude, who would appreciate a run or a leashed walk.

Duke and Jett, in the 9 – 10 years we have had them, have known only one vet. She is Kristen Shaw DMV, owner of Southgate Animal Clinic, 7851 SE King Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222-2734 (503-771-0857); located near the intersection of King and SE 82nd near Office Max. She and her staff of vets and technicians are outstanding. And they have love affairs with Duke and Jett. If it is not convenient to continue with Southgate for Duke and/or Jett, medical records are available.

Both Duke and Jett have the capacity to touch your heart, as they have mine and my late wife. I hope you might see yourself open to take them in and give them and yourself that opportunity.

If interested in Duke and Jett please contact Thomas Layne, Brightwood, OR at

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HI, I’m Kobe.  I’m a 8 year old, neutered male, Husky mix.  I love people and most other animals.  I suddenly didn’t get along with another male dog in my family and now need a loving, safe home.   I love kids, belly rubs and being outdoors.   I do have hypothyroidism and allergies and take medications for both.   I am up to date with all my vaccinations.   If interested please contact my owner Melissa at 503-443-0028

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I have had Tommie since January 2011. My son in law found him at a truck stop when he was just a baby. We tried to find his owners but no one ever claimed him. I took him home to be a companion to my West Highland Terrier and they have loved each other ever since.

He is a very loving and well behaved dog. Can put him in his crate and he will be so good. He loves to cuddle too and will give you “kisses” in the morning if you let him sleep with you.

I am feeding him Science Dog food-chicken and rice for small breeds and he seems to like it. He also likes treats.

Loves family, friends and people. More adults than children it seems but he is good with children too if they do not pester him.

Loves to cuddle and seems ok if you leave him for a while to go shopping and etc.

On his own does not bark much-if with dogs that do – he will.


If interested please contact Billie Elkins at 503-491-3592