Catahoula Leopard Dog + Pit Bull Terrier + Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix
2 years old
58 pounds

ArrrrrrReba!!!!! Let’s get this love party started! You wanna go jogging? I am down with that! You wanna just snuggle on the couch and watch some Netflix? I’m down with that too! I am open to anything…as long as it’s gonna be with you! A life full of fun activities and a family to give me all the love, snuggle time and guidance I long for—you know, show me how to be all proper and stuff—is exactly what I need to be the perfect sidekick you’re longing for. I’ve already got great social skills with other dogs and sturdy children and have my crate training down pat, just don’t let me near them kitty cats! Is your family looking to add a little love to this party called life? Well, ArrrrReba!

2 years old-58lbs. My adoption fee is $200 and includes spay, microchip & registration, reduced-cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, toy & treat packet, food sample.

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