Raymond has been adopted

Corgi + Chihuahua Mix
4 years old
12 pounds

Let me be the Ray of sunshine that lights up your life…no…um…Watch out! This Love Ray is set to stun! No…I don’t like that either…Hmmm…if I were one of the X-Men, I would be X-Ray the Radioactive Dog! What does that even mean? I don’t understand how they expect us to come up with these description things; I have never taken a creative writing class in my life! I’m a dog—I don’t think I could even enroll at a community college. I just want to find a nice home with loving people that like to cuddle and want an active little lap buddy. I get along great with cats. I like to play with other dogs and love my play group! Children that can respect my small stature would be welcome additions to my heart. I have been doing really well in my crate training and think it is a pretty good skill to have. I am also totally housebroken. I don’t know what else I am supposed to say here…maybe if we just met it would make things easier. No commitments, just a simple meet-and-greet. Maybe we’ll hit it off and you’ll adopt me so I’ll never be a Blu-Ray again.

4 years old-12lbs. My adoption fee is $200 and includes microchip & registration, neuter, reduced-cost training class, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.

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