Dolly has been adopted

Black Labrador Retriever Mix
2 years old
51 pounds

What is a sweet, playful, beautiful Doll like me doing hanging out in a shelter? Beats me, but I can tell you I will not be hanging out long. I am on my way to a bigger and brighter future where I can take walks to the park, go for rides, and cuddle on the couch. Add a little training time, plenty of treats, and a whole lot of love and you’ve got my dream home. I love other dogs and won’t mind sharing my home with them, but cats just don’t fit into my fairy tale. A family with kids would be fabulous, as long as the youngsters are old enough to understand that I am a lady and must be treated as such. A little respect is all I ask, and in return I’ll give you the same….I’ll keep my crate clean and tidy, walk nicely on leash and sit when asked. I’ve got a good amount of energy but not toooo much. Ya know, with enough attention and adventure I think I’d be well suited for apartment living or a rural life—I’ll love whatever life brings me, and as long as I’m cherished, I’ll be happy.

2 years old-51lbs. My adoption fee is $200 and includes spay, microchip & registration, reduced-cost training class, free veterinary exam,1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.

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