Boots has been adopted

Siberian Husky + Labrador Retriever Mix
2 1/2 years old
78 pounds

This Boots was made for walking, and that’s just what he’ll do, one of these days this Boots is gonna walk right next to you! I would love to take long strolls by your side, or just lounge around on the couch by your side, or play around in the backyard by your side…I think you get my drift: you’ll never get too far without your Boots! A home with children to play with will be fine by me, plus I enjoy the company of other dogs and I am great at living with felines. I have taken really well to the crate training they are showing me here and I am already housebroken! Have you been looking to throw some happiness into your family’s ensemble? Try out this Boots! Your wardrobe will never lack love again.

2 ½ years old-78lbs. My adoption fee is $200 and includes neuter, microchip & registration, reduced-cost training class, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.

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