Richie has been adopted

Pit Bull Terrier + Labrador Retriever Mix
1 year old
51 pounds

Want some companionship? I’ll pay up! Want a handsome best friend and a great playmate? Then I’ll pay up! You want a loyal buddy to be a part of the family and stick by your side? I will fork over them bills! I get along great with other dogs and love to romp and play. I like cats too, sometimes a little too much, so they best be up for a good game of chase. I adore children—however, I don’t always realize my size, so the tykes should be 7+ and big enough to handle this pot of gold. I am totally crate trained and I do know a few basic commands already, but sometimes I don’t wanna listen cause I just get distracted by other fun things. Can you blame me? I mean, I am still just a pup after all! I’m a social, playful, and animated dude who’s ready to buy all this world has to offer…My name’s Richie, and I am an awesome companion looking for an active family to cash in on all the love I have to offer!

1 year old-51lbs. My adoption fee is $220 and includes neuter, microchip & registration, 1 month pet health insurance, reduced-cost training class, free vet exam, leash/collar, toy & treat packet, food sample.

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