Bellingham has been adopted

German Shepherd + Labrador Retriever Mix
1 year old
60 pounds

Can’t you see it now? You and me hiking the trails…jogging through the neighborhood…spending relaxing evenings snuggling on the couch. I can see it! To me it looks like a dream! I could sure use a dream come true. I don’t mean to play a damsel in distress, but I am ready for my forever family! Sturdy children 8+ to romp with, other dogs to run and roughhouse with…oh the fun to be had! I also wouldn’t mind if you had a house cat, as long as they won’t mind a big puppy pestering them. I have so much love packed inside me, and I know I will make a family very happy. I just need someone to give me the time, attention, and dedication all pups deserves. An active lifestyle, patience, understanding, and reward-based training will have me well on my way to becoming the dog of your dreams.

1 year old-60lbs. My adoption fee is $220 and includes microchip & registration, neuter, reduced-cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.

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