Queensland Heeler + Pit Bull Terrier Mix
2 years old
35 pounds
Hello everyone, my name is Cheri but my nickname is Chouchou, which means “little darling” in French.
I am very outgoing and always greet everyone with the warmest welcome. As you can see, I’m very pretty, yet muscular, but don’t let that fool you; I’m very gentle with people and love to make friends.
My favorite activity is going for long walks and smelling all the lovely smells that nature has to offer. During these outings, I enjoy walking up to people and saying hi; it’s so lovely to see the smiles on their faces and at the end we’re all friends.
Snuggling is my favorite indoor activity, next to listening to Tom Waits music. I feel most comforted when I’m snuggling up against someone or if they rest their hand on me. In fact, my greatest wish is to be someone’s one and only. I prefer not to share you with other dogs in the home or those fluff balls called cats. I want to be your ‘road dog’, your ‘best buddy”, or your Batman to my Robin.  The only one I’d share you with are the kids. Although I want you to by my only, I’m actually very mellow and independent. I can comfortably stay in a kennel while you’re at work without barking, as long as I’m promised snacks and a walk afterwards.
If you need a little darling in your life to go outdoors and snuggle with, I’m the ChouChou you’ve been waiting for. See you soon my friend, or as I like to say- A bientot mon ami!

 If you are interested in meeting or learning more about Cheri please email

2 years old-35lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes; microchip, spay, reduced cost training class, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, leash/collar, food sample, toy & Treat packet.

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