Chocolate Labrador Retriever
5 years old
76 pounds

Umm, Hello? Is there anybody there? Nerf here…the pooch with a lonely heart, no place to call home and to top it all of I am completely blind…oh, woe is me……Ha! Had ya fooled didn’t I?  With that poor sad ol me bit..I may not be able to see a thing but I ain’t looking for no pity party! I have one hack of a sense of smell, and I get around pretty darn well (unless stairs are involved!) I mean I don’t let it slow me down one bit, I just go for it! Table legs, walls, door jams…watch out cuz here I come!  I’m the happy, social, smart and goofy lab I should be. I just need a family and a warm bed. See, I suffer from loneliness far more than I suffer from my seeing condition (or lack thereof). I love a long walk, a good game of fetch, going on adventures…you know, all the normal dog stuff. I just need a little time to figure out where all the furniture is, and I can cruise around with no probs. I just adore children but need a family with sturdy older kids because I do tend to feel things out with my mouth, so I get a bit mouthy when excited. I’m a really fabulous guy who just needs a little more structure, a little more training, and a whole lotta love…

4 years old-79lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes microchip & registration, neuter, reduced-cost training class, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.

IMG_7634 IMG_7633



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