Coonhound + Doberman Pinscher Mix
1 1/2 years old
60 pounds’

I’m a mover and a shaker. I’m an on the go, let’s get it done, do what needs did dog! You like to run? Let’s go! I have been waiting all my life for someone to yell “Release the hounds!” then I could go chase down some perpetrator or chase a fox or something, you know whatever works. Speaking of small furry creatures…Let’s just say we don’t see eye to eye. Cats, squirrels, yippy dogs, tiny humans; if it is below my eye line, it doesn’t need to be around me. I get along great with bigger dogs though,  I like to wrestle and run and play. I also like to ride in cars, so we could go crusin! Take a trip to the beach, feel the sand between our toes… or even just a quick ride to market, that would be fun too, as long as I’m with you! Now just because I am a hound mix, don’t think I haven;t got brains… I know my basic command, have some pretty stellar house training skills. This crate training thing isn’t so bad either, besides I love having my own little bungalow to lounge around in. But I don’t lounge for long because I would rather be out doing stuff! So let’s you and me get together and do some stuff!

1 1/2 years old-60lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes; neuter, microchip, reduced cost Training Class, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, toy & treat packet.



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  1. Kerry said . . .

    I have walked Jax for a few weeks now as a FDNL volunteer, and am proud to see his leash manners coming along! (The secret is tuckering him out. After all, he’s only 1 1/2). But after an hour of walking/jogging/sniffing/playing, he’s happy to lay down on my lap and show off his belly. Who said 60 pounds isn’t a lap dog?

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