Gretsch is our lil rock star! He came here to FDNLS in December of 2010 with a long history of being quite the guardian gladiator. We had hoped that Gretsch would find a suitable person of his own to protect, but over the months we learned that, even at just 15 pounds, his guard dog skills are a bit more then the average adopter can handle. Gretsch has had plenty of time to bond to all of us, and we think that he’s decided that this should be his forever home. Here he has a job to do…keeping everyone safe from unforeseen danger. Gretsch loves that, and we love Gretsch- so we’ve decided to welcome him as one of our own- don’t tell Gretch, but the truth is, we know that here is where he’ll be kept safe :) We believe that Gretsch deserves to live a long and happy life and so he becomes one of The Family Dogs.

If you would like to sponsor Gretsch to help us continue to provide him with a wonderful environment please make a donation the the shelter on his behalf.


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  1. Sherrie said . . .

    You sweet boy!! I’m so happy you finally have a home to call your own and a job to do! Go Gretsch!!

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