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  1. Krystyna said . . .

    What you guys do is absolutely amazing. It brings tears of joy to my eyes knowing that you are saving the lives of so many dogs. My fiance and I want to someday run a small shelter that is no kill and you are a true inspiration to us. We plan on adopting another dog in the next year or two and we will definitely be coming to you. Keep up the great work!

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  2. poppy said . . .

    Hello FDNL!
    It’s been just over a month since we’ve seen you all, and wanted to let you know Clifford “Cliffy”…(formerly “Radar”)….is doing great!  He’s settling in with us as, “Mom and Dad,” exceptionally well, he and Aden are bonding, and etc, etc, life is good!  Of course I could attach dozens of photos, but thought better of it that one will suffice…Anyway — Thank you again for taking such good care of him prior to us being able to add him to our family, he’s doing wonderfully at his forever home!
    Poppy & Clete, Aden & Cliffy

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  3. Caroline said . . .

    It’s been two and a half years since I adopted Halpert (was named Shadow) and it was the best decision that I have ever made. Halp is now eleven and a half and, despite some slowing down due to arthritis/hip issues, he’s energetic and loves life and is a wonderful companion. He’s learning how to swim to help with his hips. Even though he’s not a water dog, he’s been very brave….feeding him cheese while swimming helps, too 🙂 Thank you for taking such good care of him for the two months that he was at FDNL and thank you for bringing us together!


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  4. Joanne Faulkner said . . .

    To the new parents of my sweet old girl, Bertrille –
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! One of the hardest thing I had to do was surrender my baby girl before involuntarily moving to Colorado (my husband was transferred). I know she has been getting the best care, love and attention with you – thank God! It was especially difficult since we lost her little brother in November, but I was so happy to see you adopted her in only three weeks from the time I had to leave her. I thought my heart would break with sadness then with joy! I thought I felt her last night to tell me thank you and hope she is happy.

    Thank you also to Family Dogs NW! We got both our babies from you and were so happy she was able to come back to you to find a loving new home! Bless all of you!

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  5. Lyndsay said . . .

    We found Tat on the “Courtesy Positions” page. I wanted a dog, but I knew there was no way we could handle training a puppy. When we came across Tat, is was 6 months after my childhood black lab passed away at 12 (I hadn’t seen him in two years from living far away…) and it seemed perfect to adopt Tat, and make sure she would be spoiled silly with us.

    Thank you FDNL for being a great shelter, and having so many options available for people who want to rescue an animal, but also making it easy to find the perfect pet! We love Tat, she is having the time of her life with us, and I am proud to say that when we are ready for another addition to our family, we will be coming into the shelter!

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  6. Kat McNie said . . .

    I just wanted to send an update on Ms. Chance, who joined our family this last July. We decided to just call her Chancey, as she had gone through so much change in her life up until this point…we thought keeping something familiar for her would be a comfort. She is doing so well. There were some little adjustments in the beginning as everyone was getting used to each other, and now all is clicking along just right. All of her skin issues have been fixed and her coat is gleaming. And her swollen right front paw is a thing of the past. She gets tons of love and kisses, daily walks, and play time. Her favorite treats are chicken-wrapped apples and a peanut butter filled Kong! At the beginning, she found our two black kitties intriguing, mostly because they would flee from her. But now, the kitties have started to figure out not to run, and all is well. There was something about this girl that stole my heart when I viewed her Pitteo on your website…I am so thrilled I followed my gut and went straight over to meet her! I have attached a photo of Chancey having a morning nap with her kitty brother Sherman and her sister Lola!/Users/momkat1/Pictures/iPhoto Library_2/Modified/2011/Oct 13, 2011/get-attachment.aspx.jpegt

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  7. Stella said . . .

    Hello friends at FDNL. I wanted to give you an update on one of your rescues. His name is Apollo. He is a Sheba Inu. Just over a year ago I came to your shelter with my best friend Tammy because she wanted to adopt her first dog. She picked Apollo from your web site. When we got there I honestly thought Apollo was too much of a handful for her. She wanted him anyway. (I’m so glad she saw what I didn’t). From the second we got him out of the shelter setting he became a new dog. When we got him home to her delight we found he was already crate trained. He loves his toyes and has been just an awesome wonderful dog. I was lucky to be his neighbor for the past year and have come to love that little guy. He truly has a home for life with Tammy. He’s happy, healthy, well behaved, and a forever friend.
    A few months ago Tammy and Apollo were transfered to a new job in Pheonix AZ. I hear he is getting along well in his new place. I just wanted to tell you that you guys made a great match with Apollo and Tammy. Thanks for what you do!!!

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  8. Amy Tongue said . . .

    My family adopted “Eloise” from FDNL about 2 years ago after losing our big old beloved brown rescue dog at 15 years of age. Eloise, is now Piper, and is inseparable from our other dog Abby, and my two little boys. As a veterinarian who will forever be saddened by the number of homeless and neglected pets in our world, I whole-heartedly support your efforts in finding homes for these guys.

    I commend your ability to capture their personalities, both in writing and in image. We see many of these dogs come through our hospital for their first exams, and I have yet to see one who hasn’t been perfectly placed, and immensely loved. Yes, there are sometimes challenges to overcome with ANY new pet – rescue or otherwise, but people who rescue dogs seem to know and accept that, and give their hearts selflessly.

    Thank you, thank you. We stand behind you 100%.

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  9. Chris said . . .

    It’s been almost two years now since my wife and I adopted Ira a lab mix from you guys. What a wonderful experience it has been to watch him go from 3 months to 2 years. He is such a wonderful and loyal companion and has helped me with my adjustment out of the Marine Corps.

    Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful dog, companion, best friend, and family member. Keep up the awesome work at the shelter b/c you are creating many many positive and amazing experiences in people’s lives including mine.


    Chris and Ira.

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  10. Tracey and Joseph said . . .

    We were among the luckiest to have been able to adopt one of the little pups from Shade. We now have adorable Ocho whom we renamed Shadow remembering her mom and reflecting her beautiful coat.
    Shadow is a bundle of joy. She is happy and excited every single moment her little grey eyes are open. She loves life and rejoices in every morning she wakes. Shadow has brought new life to our older dog Sweet Pea (11 years) and has given us so much entertainment. They play and romp and bark as they chase balls and toys around the house and yard.
    Shadow is so smart and shows it by coming to her name, being almost 100% potty trained and alert to every new thing that comes her way. She is so perfect and we love her ever so much,
    Thank you for giving Shadow, her sisters and her MOM a place of kindness and love as they waited for us to come get them.
    Most sincerely…Joseph and Tracey Shadow and Sweet Pea

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  11. Jody said . . .

    We adopted Deacon and it has been such a lovely transition. He is the best boy. His Piteo is what caught my eye and brought us to FDNL to find him. What a cuddle bunny he his. He has his own chair and follows me around everywhere. We go on at least 2 walks a day in addition he is now learning to walk on the treadmill. We took him to an off leach park and now know where all the scrapes on his face comes from….oops 🙂 we love him. Thanks so much New Life, for socializing him during the day because he gets along just fine with our other two little doggies.
    One more thing, he completely broke free out of the dog crate,
    destroying it, but sleeps very happily in his chair while we are gone. Terrier go figure. :-))

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  12. Christy said . . .

    I adopted Lilly from you about a week and a half ago and she has adjusted to her new life perfectly. She is a good girl who fits in here like she has lived her whole life with us. I think Bailey is happy to have a dachshund buddy again. I love your shelter, this was my first time adopting from you (3rd rescue dog) and I really like the dog and people friendly atmosphere of FDNL. I will definitely recommend your website (one of nicest rescue websites I have seen)and your shelter to any and all of my friends looking for a dog.
    Lilly (front) and Bailey

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  13. Laurel said . . .

    Adopted ZuZu (formerly Penny) from FDNL only a week ago and she has adjusted really quickly so far. She gets along well with our older dog, and they actually look like they could be Mom and daughter. She took a few nights to get through quietly, but now sleeps quietly all night (a stuffed Kong helped). She came fully potty trained. Adopting an adult dog is much easier than a puppy. We were lucky to find a dog with a good temperament who seems like a small version of our 12 year old Shepherd Lab mix.

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  14. Tracey and Joseph said . . .

    An UPdate on Shadow (formerly known as OCHO the puppy)
    Boy has this girl grown since we adopted her in January of this year. She is a sturdy girl of 28 pounds now (from the 8 when we got her). She not only has grown but learned so much. She loves to play ball and frisbee, bringing them to us for another throw. She has gone to the dog park 3x now and while a little timid around the bigger dogs, loves all the puppies and small dogs. Her favorite was a run with a Whippet who out ran her by yards! She loves all her kitty sisters and plays rough and tumble with the youngest. Shadow has a lovey dovey side that is just precious and when she is tired likes to snuggle even tho’ her legs and back side hang off our laps now. As for her older Lab sister SweetPea(11yrs),Shadow has brought new life to her. They run, explore and horse around most of the day and when Sweetie needs a nap, Shadow curls up with her and is quiet and still.

    Thank you again for taking care of Shadow, her mom and sisters and for allowing them to regain their health and grow strong. Shadow is a ray of sunshine in our lives.

    Tracey and Joseph…Sweet Pea and Shadow

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  15. Laura Croston said . . .

    We got our wonderful dog Carrie formerly Marilyn about 10 years ago at the the old Family Dogs NW shelter. I check in with the new website two or three times a month just to see who is there. Our dog had 9 puppies about a month before we adopted her. They were all at the old shelter and adopted out. We think Carrie is a mix of Labrador and Border Collie, or Aussie. She is predominantly black with some grey and brown undertones. She has a soft luxurious coat. She weighs about 65 pounds. Her face is Lab, but her body type is collie. I have always wondered what became of the puppies. Is there anyone out there that adopted around May of 2002? The puppies would be about 10 years old now. We love our dog so much, I know someone got some awfully nice puppies, and I would love to connect with them. If you think you have one,would you post a comment? Thanks, Laura Croston

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  16. Candace King said . . .

    We adopted our little page over a year ago and she is the love of our lives. Thanks so much to you guys for being there for our 4 legged friends. She is beautiful, funny and a real character.
    Thanks again for our sweet baby.

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  17. catherine said . . .

    We adopted Sophie earlier this month and she’s doing great. I was able to describe what dog personality we were used to and Sophie was introduced to us. She has some anxiety issues, but she is doing much better. She is now crate trained and taking her on walks isn’t as challenging anymore for us/her. Thanks so much for recommending Sophie, she’s a perfect fit for us.

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  18. Kelley Jewell said . . .

    I adopted “Bates”- now Simon- five years ago. Well, he just competed in his first Rally Obedience show and he came in second with a 98/100! And his newly adopted little brother won with a perfect score. Simon has been a great role model and a huge aid in training the new pup. Thank you for giving this wonderful ‘rez’ dog his third chance!

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  19. Joseph and Tracey said . . .

    New update on Shadow (formerly known as the pup Ocho).
    Lets just say that Shadow is now 10 months old and 53 muscle filled pounds. She is still adorable and is still the lovey dovey girl we adopted earlier this year.
    Shadow is going to school now and is learning many ways to curb her enthusiasm in appropriate ways that make her family very happy. As a youngster, Shadow has enjoyed chewing on everything she could get her mouth on. From lint to the couch, from pea pods to branches and everything inbetween. She loved to snatch up slippers and run and zip around us jumping high to lick our faces. She has been a happy girl and now is learning her boundaries and is feeling much more confident. We now are able to get down to her height for kisses and hugs that are mutually desired.
    Recently we moved and Shadow realized she has a VOICE!!! She barked at everything from neighbor dogs to creaks in the house at nite. Poor thing was really spooked. We have given her lots of love, explored the neighborhood together, met the neighbors and calmed her with other activities and again, lots of love. Now she barks in joy as she did before we moved.
    Having a puppy requires alot of extra patience. We have had quite the time with our little lady, but it has also been so fun. She sleeps on her back with all for legs up in the air and makes little coo sounds while cuddling her “Baby” blanket we brought her home in. She loves to play catch and run with her big sister SweetPea (12 years) at the dog park. And at nite when we are settling in she comes in and looks at us with those big brown sleepy eyes and climbs up for one last love.
    Thank you again for this little gem and the joy she brings us.
    Tracey and Joseph, Shadow and SweetPea

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  20. Linda & Scott said . . .

    We adopted Ruby from NDFL over 6 years ago and our life has become enriched and so much fuller with the love of our wonderful dog. Ruby, a lab, pit bull mix came to us malnutritioned, afraid, sad, just having given birth to a litter of pups and she wasn’t even a year old yet.

    Ruby is now a happy, healthy, very spoiled girl who knows that the world revolves around her, as far as we’re concerned. Thank you….. for the service you provide and enriching our lives with such a wonderful girl!

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  21. Ken said . . .

    I adpoted Gus in October of 2010. He is an 18lb Beagle Terrier Mix, and has become the love of my life. Gus is definitely a “daddy’s boy.” This past summer I adopted a 1 month old Jack Russell/Basenji Mix and they get along so well. I have been blessed to find Gus, and Coda as well. Thank you to the wonderful person at Petco who informed me about Family Dogs New Life. He’s doing great, goes to a wonderful vet here, and just got a clean bill of health. Every weekend we go to the dog park, and he cuddles up under the sheets with me every night. Thanks for your friendliness, support, and guidance as my family grew by adding Gus to it.


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  22. Beth said . . .

    I just wanted to thank all of you again for bringing Ice, now known as Rico up from Cali and saving his life.
    Even when he is naughty, which he is everyday…always an adventure when I come home from work to see what he has gotten into-lol I still love the big goof.
    He is so sweet, and loves with his whole being-and tail-and is willing to learn. He has reminded me that there is joy and fun, and lots and lots of walks.

    My other pittie is happy to have a friend, as my other 3 little girls wanted nothing to do with her. And all 4 of them are more than happy that mom is off the computer and taking them on long, long walks 😉

    We are all looking forward to spring and summer for fun hiking adventures…aka tire out the big guy…

    Thank you again for all that you do for the dogs…looking forward to any upcoming fund raiser events that Rico and I can come to.

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  23. jerry m said . . .

    About 2 years ago I adopted a 6yr. old rotweiller named scout from your establishment. I just wanted all who work there to know that she is the greatest family member anybody could have asked for. So I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for the 4 legged friends and keep up the great work.

    p.s. scout is doing great…

    thanks again Jerry

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  24. Felicia Knapp said . . .

    Four days ago I brought home the most wonderful addition to my family. As soon as I saw Morrisey, it was love at first sight. We bonded instantly and the connection gets stronger every day. He is a wonderful, sweet boy who adjusted extraordinarily well to our home. Each day is filled with endless kisses, walks, snuggles, and healthy treats! I couldn’t be happier and I wouldnt trade this boy for the world. His health is improving exponentially and I’m proud to provide for this loving guy. I could not ask for a better companion.

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  25. Chris woolstenhulme said . . .

    I adopted Toby from u guys a few months ago. I just wanted u to know he was a perfect amazing fit to our family. He has grown and came out of his shell so much. He is very obedient and so well mannered I want to thank u and your staff for there help. U guys are amazing!

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  26. admin said . . .

    So happy to hear it! Thank YOU!

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  27. Amanda said . . .

    Hi guys!!

    We adopted Ember (formerly known as George) from you back in March. She was a dog that had been adopted and then returned to you, and she had stomach issues. A couple months have gone by now, and we have good things to report! The tummy troubles only lasted a few weeks and a few different food types until we found one that works VERY well for her system, and now she is a happy pup in that respect.

    She has now mastered shake, next paw, and roll over. We are still working on stay at times as well as come but she has made definite improvements. We can’t decide if the next trick/command that she learns should be heel or high-five. 🙂 We are still working on walking nicely on a leash without pulling, but I would say that we have that about 85% down. She is very good about not getting distracted by other dogs we might encounter on the walks, but she does NOT enjoy it when a motorcyle passes us. They tend to startle her a bit with their loudness. She did have her first meet & greet with kitty cats, and seemed to think that it was just a small dog until the cats told her that he didn’t want to play with her, and now she is at times wary of cats or very intrigued by them.

    Ember got to go to the beach for the first time a couple weeks ago, and since we go to a smaller, less populated beach we were able to let her roam off leash. She did WONDERFUL, and had soooo much fun. And even though we quickly found after adopting her that she is very scared of water, when the kiddo waded into a creek that runs into the ocean, Ember followed right behind her for a bit! We were so proud of her!

    She has been enjoying her trips to the dog park and all her new friends that she has met there, and we swear she knows exactly where we are going when we head out because she gets so excited. She enjoys car rides anyway, but especially when she knows where we are going. We tend to take her at least a couple times a week, if not more. She has very much enjoyed all the attention she gets from the various nieces and nephews we have, as well as our teenager, and she quickly picked up on the fact that those littler kids LOVE to give her food if she makes fast friends with them. She also likes to play with the various other dogs family members have when we go to visit.

    We started out giving her STAM treats that we got from you guys when we adopted her, and I ordered a bunch more since she liked them. However, we have found that her very favorite treat ever is radishes!! That fur-child of ours will eat any vegetable she has ever been given (spinach, carrots, green beans, cucumbers) but man does she love radishes.

    All together, we just love her to bits, even with the frustrating bits (like how she has suddenly become a shoe eater and loves to bark like mad at night close to bedtime sometimes). She has learned much from us, and we have learned much from her or because of her. Even though it’s sad that she went through a bunch of upheavals in her short life, we are glad of them because we would never have gotten to have her otherwise. She is a fantastic cuddlebug and lover, and we are so glad to have her. Thanks for helping us become first time dog parents!!

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  28. admin said . . .

    Thank you so much for the awesome update!! Say Hi to Ember for us 🙂

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  29. Christine S said . . .

    My family and I came to the shelter on 7/27/13. A certain dog on the web site lured us in, however we came in very open to letting you know our needs and likes and asked for a suggestion. We are so grateful we did. Lewis (now Buddy), 1/2 German Shepard 1/2 Rottweiler mix was suggested. My husband and I wouldn’t have ever considered a Rottweiler until we met this dog. It honestly felt like we were chosen by him. I’ve been around dogs my whole life, got m first Black and Tan coin hound at three, who Buddy reminds me a lot of…and I have to say Buddy is the best dog I have EVER known. I honestly believe we were meant for one another. He fills our needs, completes our wants, and has filled a hole in my heart I didn’t know was there. He radiates love and I call him my therapy on four legs. Thank you so much and I’m already sharing with many people what a great organization this is. *Ran into another dog owner with a great pit bull/ American Bullie from the shelter, he appreciates the shelter and his dog as much as I do.

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  30. Kristin & Brian said . . .

    My boyfriend Brian and I adopted Twyla (now Olive,) a shy ~35 lb flat-coated retriever mix, from your shelter about a month to a month and a half ago. I just wanted to write in and say “thank you” for introducing us.

    Olive is wonderful and is doing great. (She’s comfortable around us, and getting more comfortable when meeting strangers.) She’s even learned a few tricks!

    We are totally in love with this dog and are so glad to have her in our family.

    Thanks again!

    Kristin & Brian (& Olive)

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  31. Holly said . . .

    I was scanning your website late one evening back in April, and saw the sweetest, most forlorn looking face of a bedraggled looking dog called D-Lucks. I just knew immediately he would be my dog. I made plans to be there early the next day to meet him. I drove most of the way to the shelter before I found out I didn’t have the right directions or my phone with me. I almost gave up, but instead drove back home to get the papers & tried again. I told myself if it was meant to be, he’d still be available. My now -renamed Duckie is sleeping on my foot, and is a very happy, very loved boy. I always thought the shelter name was a tongue-twister, but I finally got it with Duckie. He is now a family dog with a new life! Thank you!

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  32. Rose said . . .

    Just want to tell you guys that I appreciate you all for giving dogs second chances to live! I know Benjamin appreciates it more than anything! If you guys hadn’t saved him, I would’ve never gotten to share the bond I do with him now. He’s the coolest little terrier with the attitude of a ten yr old girl and the heart of a loving father. He makes us laugh, cuddles when we’re sad, and is ALWAYS there to greet us at the door with 3 toys crammed in his mouth. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I mean it with everything 🙂 happy holidays 🙂

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  33. Liz said . . .

    New update on Monk, a cattle dog mix I got from you guys in August 2009. He’s the cutest fluffy grey bear of a dog that ever walked on four legs! Now, four years of daily training later, he can mostly tolerate other dogs being as close as 25 ft to him when he is on a leash. Poor little guy had a back injury acquired at the vet’s, and as a result of some changed sensation to his lower half he has to wear the cone of shame whenever he is unsupervised, but he is SO good about it. He loves me very, very much and is a good bellweather for people–he definitely knows who is the best fit into “our” life! He has taught me so much. He is the sweetest, most loving, most loyal dog. I noticed you just adopted out a bunch of cattle dogs, and I’d be happy to talk with any of those owners about this breed in particular!

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  34. I am a student at MHCC, studying photography. I came across this website by means of a homework assignment. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate what you’re doing and the ways you are doing it. One of my dogs was a rescue, straight out of a dumpster, and she is an angel. I love that you guys find personalized homes for all kinds of dogs, no matter their age, breed or temperament.
    Your website is also very easy to navigate, very informative and styled very well. Kudos to whomever designed and maintains it and also to your photographer, Bob. The photos of the dogs are beautiful and really capture their personalities!
    Keep on keepin’ on!

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  35. Tanner said . . .

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you all again for letting me adopt Lawrence and make him a member of our family. He’s doing great, loves our back yard, and adapted quickly into his new home. We are actually slowly socializing him with other dogs and cats, and he’s starting to make friends with them.
    Turns out Lawrence had food allergies, but after a few vet visits I have him on a basic food diet from Blue Buffalo and the coarseness in his fur is gone and he’s back to being a soft, happy, dog.
    I tell people that I didn’t adopt Lawrence he adopted me. He’s been a very loyal companion and loves going everywhere with me. Thank you for letting me make him a part of my family.

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  36. Tracey and Joseph said . . .

    A little over 2 years ago we adopted little OCHO, renamed Shadow for her mom Shade. She came to us at 8 little bitty pounds and is now a rock solid 61. She is strong, in perfect health and has the most beautiful coat of blacks and greys. She is a “Cave” dog and likes to be under and/or in things. Her favorite place is in a little corner under an end table that has blankies and a small blanket covering the “entry”. When sleeping, Shadow likes to be under blankets, the bed or couch or in her little den.
    Our older dog Sweet Pea is still with us at 14 now and still runs around like a little lamb when playing with Shadow. SP’s stamina is short lived but “Dad” and I are always available to throw the ball, bone, rope, tree limb and frizbee for Shadow. Our cat Gwennie and Shadow are best friends. They run, play, jump up on rocks and explore bugs. They tend to lick each other before they nap and snuggle up and over each other. They even share food at meal times.
    Shadow obviously is a love bug and dispite her size still cuddles up in Dads lap during the day. She also cuddles up with Mom in the middle of the nite sleeping under the blankets with her nose snuggled into Mom’s neck.
    Having Shadow has brought so much joy to our family. We all go for walks (including Gwennie) and drives. Shadow’s innocent zeal for life is refreshing and her love for everyone is so precious. Again, thank you for rescuing her, her siblings and mom. You do amazing things at the shelter and bless both the dogs and the families they come in to.

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  37. Leigh said . . .

    Last fall I was searching for a dog and stumbled upon your website. There was a litter of Sharpei mix puppies, and the next day I was waiting outside your shelter to meet ‘Orange Blossom’ who now goes by Nelly. She turned 1 year old last week, and I wanted to thank you for running such an awesome shelter and introducing me to my awesome dog! She has grown into the most good-natured, friendly dog I’ve ever been around and has become the perfect dog for me. Thank you for rescuing her entire litter and placing them in a shelter together. I was a little nervous taking on a puppy by myself but your staff put me at ease and I am so thankful I found your shelter! Keep up the amazing work.

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  38. Jim and Samantha said . . .

    Hey FDNLS!!!

    We came in 3 days shy of our first wedding anniversary to add a member to our family. Originally Samantha had her heart set on a handsome boxer that she was positive she was going to get and name Presley. However, fate stepped in and he was adopted by the family that was just before us on the list. Good thing too! We got to meet Ebony, whom we renamed Abby, and we knew. She seemed to connect with our 9 year old right away, and both kids said she was the one.
    We brought her home after we made a stop to pick up some necessities for her (read: spoil her rotten) and she fell asleep very quickly. Turns out she had a very severe case of kennel cough, but a couple weeks after getting on some antibiotics and rest she started to really come out of her shell.
    The thing that amazed us the most was that Samantha had been injured quite badly, and recovery was slow. After we brought Abby home and they bonded, Sam’s recovery rapidly progressed!!! It’s amazing how those two helped eachother out. Now we can’t imagine our family without this adorable and energetic Corgidor!

    Thanks for all you do! We’ll be back again someday!
    The Smiths

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  39. Katie and Nate said . . .

    Happy new Year FDNLS! One of my resolutions is to give back to you as you have given so much to me. We adopted Dharma over 2 years ago now and I cannot imagine life without her. She has been such an amazing treat and an important part of the family. She is the most adaptable, loving, sweet, and energetic (underline energetic) dog I have had. Thank you for giving her the chance she needed to find us. Happy 2015… hopefully I will get a yard soon and thus, a brother or sister for Dharma from you guys!

    Thank you for keeping on, you do amazing work!

    Posted January 1, 2015 at 8:31 pm | Permalink
  40. admin said . . .

    Thank you Katie!! And Happy New Year to you and Dharma!

    Posted January 2, 2015 at 10:31 am | Permalink
  41. deondra said . . .

    Greeting to you all at FDNL!

    We adopted Diesel a little over a year ago and it was the best decision we ever made! He lights up our lives like we didn’t know was possible. He is the first dog we have ever had and we couldn’t be happier! He is our little spoiled prince and makes our day every day! Since coming home he has done so much! He is now a traveling dog who has been all over the west coast! He is now twelve years young! He loves trips to the groomers and getting his mud baths that make him smell and feel amazing! He’s a treat snob and feels that he should have a wide verity which we reluctantly oblige to. He refuses to wake up before 10am. When we first got him we were told about him having issues on leash with other dogs and you weren’t kidding! He is not a fan of other dogs while he is on his walks around the neighborhood and knows where his “enemies” live, but he is learning that not every dog is after him or his family! Now he has friends which he doesn’t care to play with when they all get together but he is there for moral support! We owe so much to FDNL and will definitely be going back for a little brother or sister for Diesel! Thank you so much!!

    Posted February 12, 2015 at 12:27 pm | Permalink
  42. megan said . . .

    Hello, wonderful FDNLS heroes!

    My name is Megan, my family and I adopted Fred back in October of 2014. Then we decide to add to our fur family and adopted Heidi in January 2015. You invited us to send you family photos, so I have attached a picture of Fred and Heidi’s most recent triumph.

    Fred took first place and Heidi took second place in their Canine Obedience I class! Fred did so well that we have been encouraged to forego Obedience II and go straight for Canine Good Citizens certification. He has also discovered the wonders of the GoDogGo tennis ball launcher and has added it to his Christmas list. Until then, he will have to settle for chasing balls launched from the Chuck-it by Joe and me. Or better yet, a frisbee!

    You might remember that Heidi is an amputee with her back left leg missing. She got special remarks from her Obedience I instructor for the best stand-stay from a physically challenged dog. I have also included a picture of a recent “dog pile” that took place with Fred, Heidi and my little cousins who couldn’t get enough loving. Especially from Heidi, whom you described as “velcro dog” when we met her. You weren’t kidding. She is the best cuddler! When she’s not laying all over the warmest body that will hold still for her, she likes to go to the Sandy River Delta park and make friends with EVERY SINGLE DOG in sight. She is truly a doggy good will ambassador.

    I can’t say enough about how much Fred and Heidi have filled our lives with love and laughter. We came to FDNLS with a high hopes and great expectations, and you managed to help us more than we ever imagined. We have made a special point to tell as many people as we can about your facility and the your awesome dogs. Thanks once again for the wonderful work you do!!!


    Posted April 1, 2015 at 2:33 pm | Permalink
  43. Sita said . . .

    Back in Nov. of 2011 we visited one of your dogs, Millie, a red nose pittie, a lil bit of an older, well adult lady. We took her home and we have had her for about 5 years and it feels like so much longer. She has been AMAZING, an angel, a gentle lug of love. We brought home a baby in 12/2013 and she has been the best ‘nanny dog’ only loving and gentleness exudes from this lovely lady with people and even more so with little ones. She has been my wise old mamma, independent, easy going, gentle, snuggler, kisser, the easiest dog. Loves riding in the car, can chill at the house all day while at work, loves to swim, great house manners, very good at helping clean up after our messy toddler’s meal times, that is until recently…I knew this was coming, her physical health, bones, arthritis, Hip dysplasia, other joint issues, numerous tumors and many removed in the time we have had her in our care. Now, in just a matter of a few days, one of her legs has swollen so badly she can’t walk and it’s an inside mass tumor, beyond repair she is at this point. This weekend we send her spirit off. When my husband is away, she makes me feel safe and she has been the family bed buddy. I will truly miss her.I want you all to know she has been well loved in our house and has been a gift for us and I am so glad we took her home that day. I just wanted to honor her and her spirit by telling you how much she has meant to me and our family and I am grateful that she was found, ended up in a shelter and landed at Family Dog so that we could take her home. Thank you. Sincerely, Millie’s momma.

    Posted October 21, 2015 at 11:37 pm | Permalink
  44. Lisa Westerdahl said . . .

    I just had to comment on your website, it is gorgeous and as a photographer, I love the time you took to take such great photos, and more then one so we can really see the personality of the dogs. Thank you for giving these great souls another chance!

    Posted January 21, 2016 at 9:13 am | Permalink
  45. Corey said . . .

    I wanted to say on this Thanksgiving how incredibly grateful I am for your clinic, because almost two years ago I adopted my lovely fur baby Clementine from you! She has been the best companion I could ask for, we have been camping, hiking, canoeing, so many adventures! I’ve been wanting to be a dog parent for a long time and she has been the one I’ve been waiting for! Thank you so much for what you guys do!

    Posted November 24, 2016 at 12:44 pm | Permalink
  46. admin said . . .

    Thank you <3

    Posted November 25, 2016 at 11:11 am | Permalink

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